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He;llish car journey-how to stop toys/dummies etc ending up on the floor

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Midge25 Sun 05-Jul-09 20:51:13

Have also posted in Products section...

Sure this must be familiar so apologies if there are loads of other threads on the same topic.

Have just driven back from visiting my sister, alone, w/ 17m dd in the back in her car seat. After 50 miles of crying (from her) due to having dropped toys/dummies/books/cup of water which I couldn't retrieve without pulling into a service station, I'm determined to find some sort of 'tray' to affix to her car seat (or the back of the front passenger seat) so that she can keep hold of the things she's playing with.
The toy tidies that hang from the backs of front seats are too far away for dd to reach from where she's sitting. I've seen a possibility in the Vertbaudet catalogue, (a tray that clips round the 'waist' of the car seat) but wondered how safe this would be in a crash. Also, would prefer to go to a shop where I can measure up etc (there isn't a lot of detail in the catalogue).

Does such a thing exist?? (If not, I'm going on Dragons Den!!!) I've got the same (300 mile) round trip to make in 8 weeks...and am hoping. Otherwise, next time it'll be me that's crying for 50 miles!!!

littleboyblue Sun 05-Jul-09 20:53:25

Hi. Ye3s these things exsist, like a little activity tray. I'm off to find a link. Will be back......

littleboyblue Sun 05-Jul-09 20:59:11


still looking, can't find what I original thought of

littleboyblue Sun 05-Jul-09 21:02:16

There's also this
Still not what I was thinking. I have seen a good one somewhere, just can't remember where. It may or may not come to me.......sorry

willali Mon 06-Jul-09 10:44:11

re dummies - get a dummy holder thing that clips on to your DD to prevent dummy falling on floor

Leslaki Mon 06-Jul-09 21:46:15

In car dvd player - works a treat - you only have to endure 8 hours of teletubbies or whatever. has always worked for mine, altho we're now at the age of arguing over films!

LionstarBigPants Mon 06-Jul-09 21:58:29

You need this. A clip on tray that is soft so not such a hazard in an impact.

Sandgroper Tue 07-Jul-09 15:44:54

Agree with LionstarBigPants.

I bought one for our 9 hr journey to the south of France (got back yesterday). My 3 yr old used it and was great for colouring in, cars etc not falling on the floor. He didn't like the seat belt that goes around the waist but I just unclipped it and took it off. Also had a back seat DVD player which I can highly recommend, first time we had used it and worth every penny!

My friend's son has the table and he uses it all the time and after seeing it made me get one. Fabric very soft and squashy so don't think it would be a problem in an accident, god forbid it should happen. I got mine from JoJo Maman and had it delivered. They might have them in your local store so you can measure up.

Also agree about dummy clip, our 14 month old had his firmly clipped on to his shirt for most of the journey!

Good luck for your journey!

Midge25 Wed 08-Jul-09 20:26:42

Hi all. Thanks for your suggestions...think it's time to get the credit card out. Re dummy clips, have tried lots of different designs, but dd seems to think they're some sort of game. I've yet to find one where she hasn't worked out how to pull the dummy off...and then throw it on the floor!!

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