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How to prepare formula for the flight?

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sleepyandtired Sun 05-Jul-09 13:07:45

I have not travelled for a while with a 8 month old baby. I am not about the liquid rules during traveling.
We normally put boiling hot water in a flask, and some cooled boiled in the bottles along with the powder packed separately. Would i be allowed to take this with me? Or should i take cartons, if i do, would the airport object to the quantity of liquid in the carton?

Also is there a rule regarding traveling with medicine, do i have to put my 2 week worth of medication in the suitcase, i would rather not.

sleepyandtired Sun 05-Jul-09 13:09:08

oops,so many grammer and spelling mistakes blush
I meant that i was not sure about .......

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