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First holiday abroad since DC were born.

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norksinmywaistband Thu 02-Jul-09 14:54:41

Off to Menorca next week, It is the first time we have been abroad since DC were born.
DD 4 DS 3
We have left it til now as no nappies/ bottles/ cots/buggies etc.

What do I need to take as extras to normal seeing as we have DC with us( obviously will pack their clothes and toiletries)

We are SC

norksinmywaistband Thu 02-Jul-09 15:31:27


mosschops30 Thu 02-Jul-09 15:38:21

Where are you going in Menorca, I love it there, is great for families, without being chavvy and nasty and medical care is superb (ds ended up there)

Nothing to remember much at that age, take some toys and books for plane and nightime reading, their sleeping toys, cup they use. Other than that the whole place is very family friendly, enjoy smile

norksinmywaistband Thu 02-Jul-09 15:43:11

Thanks, just didn't know if I had forgotten something really obvious.
Also am a bit daunted by all the new hand luggage rules, and security checks( do I really need to take my shoes off?)

We are going to Sa Caleta grin

mosschops30 Thu 02-Jul-09 16:27:32

depends what airport you go to as to whether you need to take shoes off, wouldnt worry about it. The hand luggage rules are fine, I just buy water in the departure lounge, usually with a large coffee grin

Sa Caleta is close to Cala n Bosch where we stayed, between there and Cuitidella, which is lovely. I hope you have a wonderful time

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