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Duinrell -anyone been?

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littleshebear Mon 16-May-05 15:48:34

Hi, we're off to the campsite at Duinrell in Holland at Whitsun and I wondered if anyone had been and had any tips. I think there has been a thread on here about it but couldn't find it.

Specifically - we want to go to Amsterdam - what's the best way to get there? Has anyone any ideas what would be good to do in Amsterdam with 4 kids aged 11 to 2? I was thinking of maybe a canal boat trip -any other ideas?

What is the food like on the park? Which is the best kid friendly restaurant?

And any other words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.

happymerryberries Tue 17-May-05 17:44:59

Me, twice, it is fab!

Food in the park is not very good, best place that we found on site was our own BBQ! All the places were very child friendly but I am not that taken with dutch food.

There is masses to do on site. The water park is first rate and most complanies will give you a two hour free pass each day. The theme parK is also great, everything (just about) is free and there is a wide range of rides from the little ones up to white knuckle jobs. We would go into the park, come out for lunch and then go back in.

Food in the campsite supermarket is OKish, but you are better stocking up in Cite Europe if you do the Dover Calais route.....I just prefer the range and quality of food in France to Holland.

You can hire bikes on the site and there are cycle paths everywhere. The local beaches are excellent and super clean. You can also hire go-carts which are great fun!

Amsterdam has some great bits and so very dodgy areas and more dog poo than London!! I'm not that fond of it, but the museums are first rate.

littleshebear Tue 17-May-05 19:23:52

Thanks a lot hmb.I was thinking of buying tickets for the Van Gogh museum which you can do online - my eldest two will enjoy it and if the little ones get restive DH can take them out. I was thinking of stopping at Cite Europe one way - we've never been to Holland so haven't yet experienced Dutch food. Probably try to go on the way there then!

Less than two weeks to go -can't wait!

happymerryberries Tue 17-May-05 20:56:20

The other main art gallery, sorry forgotten the name? reichsmuseum?, does wonderful self guided tours, and they do them for adults and children. Realy excellent and worth the extra dosh. TBH I love Van Gogh but found that museum almost 'too much' and much perfered the other, with its great range of artists , periods andstyles. All of this was BC BTW!

Dutch food, ah well, it will be an experience. let's just say they are about as skilled as the Brits used to be! Sorry to any visiting Dutch people, I might just have gone to crappy places!

All the staff speak perfect English and will put you to shame!

Oh the on site shop doesn't take debit/credit cards,but there is a cash point that took our cards on site.

You will hve a great time. We have gone twice and are planning to go back next year as well, we go at easter. A week works out cheeper than a weekend at centreparcs in the UK

Enjoy! I'm very [envy}

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