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Self-catering accom in the UK - how do you choose??

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AliBean Wed 01-Jul-09 17:31:25

We are planning a holiday in self-catering accomodation and have been trawling the internet for days only to have a massive short (long) list of places that appeal but are really struggling to make our minds up.

This is not helped by the fact that we have not done this type of holiday before so are really not sure what we should be looking for on internet listings and property details that could mean the difference between a relaxing break and a frustrating week wishing we had gone for a "stay-cation" instead.

Could experienced people please help? I think it would be useful to know which optional extras make a difference to your enjoyment of the break and what is unnecessary marketing spiel that actually is a waste of money.

So far we have seen places offering play parks, fishing, homemade cake on arrival, welcome packs, offers of grocery shopping, swimming pools, BBQ's, WiFi, Hot tubs etc and also various optional items like mid stay cleaning, homemade meals delivered to cottage and other nice sounding things...

What do you think people? How do you narrow it down?

Blu Wed 01-Jul-09 17:40:04

I decide on the area we want to go, then what factors are essential / important to us. For e.g
Remote, or walk to shops / pubs / restuarants
Is there a parking space (essential in crowded cornish villages)
Do you want a washing machine and dishwasher?
Bedrooms on same floor as bathroom /wc
Outside space like terrace or bbq
Do you want a base fo exploring the area / going to beach, or a place to stay put and relax with it's own pool etc
Changeover day - does it suit your hol plans and time off work. Decide what day you want to arrive and leave.

Anything that you don't need or wouldn't use, don't take into account. But if homemade meals is something you would LOVE then consider it.

AliBean Wed 01-Jul-09 20:25:04

Thanks Blu - thats very helpful!

Anyone else available to comment this evening?

orangekitkat Wed 01-Jul-09 20:37:08

Depends on your family size and age!
A dishwasher is essential!
Never been attracted by offers of cooking/shopping as I'd rather do it myself! We usually arrange for a supermarket delivery on the day we arrive and take a meal for the first night. Part of the fun of the holiday for us is exploring the local shops for specialities.
An indoor play area is useful but check it's appropriate for your family, it rained cats and dogs on our holiday last year and DH had a stomach bug so it was a bit of a godsend.
We've used Premier Cottages a couple of times and so have friends and family, they are more pricey but good quality. Nothing worse than turning up to find your cutesy cottage is a dump.
We don't mind being out in the sticks a bit as we're in every night anyway coz of ds's 7pm bedtime! But if you can eat out, then it's worth choosing somewhere where you can walk to a pub/restaurant.
Hope this helps!

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