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Ryanair priority boarding

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LovesTents Mon 29-Jun-09 23:27:09

Anyone know if they'll charge credit card fees if I pay for this at the airport ? I mean do they accept cash ? Prob not knowing ryanair.
If I do it online they are going to charge me the credit card fee for each person again , coming to 80 euro - no thanks !

MatNanPlus Mon 29-Jun-09 23:30:24

Is it worth it?

I only ask as at some airports tho you get thru the gate and on to the coach first unless it is full (the coach) then other passengers will be let on to and then it is a rush to get up the stairs on the plane.

LovesTents Mon 29-Jun-09 23:34:30

At our airport (dublin) no coaches. Don't think it is worth 80 euro - no way ! Was hoping to just check dh and dd1 in for priority boarding and they could save seats but they still want to charge th cc fee onlinenfor all of us .

Just wondering if they accept cash at the airport then I could pay for the 2 of them - 12 euro, not so bad.

AintMisbehaving Mon 29-Jun-09 23:35:50

When your in the departure lounge and they call pasengers in - families with younger children are asked to go in with priority people anyway

LovesTents Mon 29-Jun-09 23:40:14

Are they with ryanair ? Didn't think they would be that nice ?

ChocFudgeCake Mon 29-Jun-09 23:46:09

They never cared about DH and I struggling with 2 toddlers and the bags. They just call people with the priority passes. But I refuse to buy them! Greedy Ryanair! When we do get on the plane, if there are not spaces together, there's always someone who offers to move

LovesTents Mon 29-Jun-09 23:54:22

Yep, that's what I remember, struggling on crutches with a broken ankle and bags , and them staring at me like I was a leper, good oul ryanair !

MatNanPlus Tue 30-Jun-09 00:00:15

sometimes ryan air do priority then families then others, tho best bet is to get to the gate early and put bags in queue then sit nearby or have DD(s) hold the space

lisad123 Tue 30-Jun-09 00:05:34

not worth the money, the prioty booking quene was huge when we went and they dont count it the other side on your return.

kslatts Tue 30-Jun-09 13:33:19

When we flew back from Spain we didn't have priority boarding, we did wait by the gate but the changed the gate so we ended up being near the back of the queue.

None of us could sit together and nobody offered us their seats, dh ended up near the front of the plane, dd1 (9) had to sit on her own dd2 (7) who is very shy had to sit accross the aisle from me, she was crying when she first sat down, the air hostess wasn't helpful at all she just said "hurry up and sit down in any seat you can find", it didn't make any difference that we had children with us.

I still wouldn't pay ?80 for priority boading though.

Bucharest Tue 30-Jun-09 13:42:02

The first time I paid for Ryanair priority I paid at the airport, in cash. This was, however when they first started it up, so might have changed now.
I've flown Lyingair 4 times a year for the past god-knows-how-long and I have never ever seen them board families first. (although I am always on a Stansted run, so maybe being so busy they can't be arsed)

geordieminx Tue 30-Jun-09 13:42:06

They will call priority boarding first then families with children under 5

AnnieShamrockInYourEar Tue 30-Jun-09 13:49:13

I'm guessing if you want to pay at the airport, then they will probably charge you for checking in AND priority boarding AND the credit card fee. It's not worth the £80, either way. Just try and queue up early and hope some nice non-priority passengers will let you and the children through first. Even if you do have priority boarding, so many people have it anyway that it doesn't make that much difference.
They haven't called for families with children in four years - incidentally since I've had mine!

MatNanPlus Tue 30-Jun-09 19:24:40

kslatts someone bought up unaccompanied children on ryanair aren't allowed and by sitting children apart from parents that is what they are doing and there is some charter thingie you can print and wave at them to say it is unacceptable and the cabin staff have to sit children with a parent for oxygen / life vest etc.

zazizoma Tue 30-Jun-09 19:38:57

Flying this weekend to France by myself with 2 dc under 4, did purchase priority boarding. With £1 fares I'm not too fussed about them making their money other ways. Yes, it's a cattle car, you get what you pay for.

DadInsteadofMum Wed 01-Jul-09 11:50:57

They changed the rules on priority boarding about a year ago.

It used to be anybody that checked in online got PB, and then the PB queues were huge (often over half the plane).

Since everybody has to pay for it I have not seen more than a dozen in the PB queue (living close to Stansted I fly LyinAir far too often for business).

I have NEVER seen them let families on first (EasyJet do, they board speedy boarders, then families then the rest, I think LyinAir would see such expression of humanity as a weakness).

Put hubby at the front of the normal queue and get him on early and saving seats, board at leisure with the kids.

LovesTents Wed 01-Jul-09 14:18:40

Hi , thanks for the replies.
My experience of ryanair is that they don't let families on first , only prioirty boarders, free for all after that.
Think I will stick hubby and dd1 age 13 at front of queue if possible and get them to keep seats.Hubby can be persuasive and pushy enough when he wants,I'm sure he'll nab us some seats together !

Hersetta Wed 01-Jul-09 17:58:50

Not sure about Dublin but at Stansted you can buy priority boarded tickets at the airport. they are £4 at Stansted and i have also bought them for 5 euros at the airport in spain. You pay in cash so no cc fees.

LovesTents Wed 01-Jul-09 20:14:57

ooh ,that sounds promosing Hersetta, don't mind paying for priorty boarding, just don't want to be stung for cc fees again grin

MissSunny Fri 03-Jul-09 01:17:25

Message withdrawn

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