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Sunsail - any tips?

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willow2 Mon 05-May-03 22:55:58

Has anyone been to Sunsail Terra Mare - or any of the beach clubs? Give me your informed opinions and top tips!

hmb Tue 06-May-03 08:03:49

Not been there but went to Yedi tepe in Turkey last year. We had a great time. The accomodation was basic, and we did have a problem with the a/c units leaking, but the staff were helpful and it was sorted out in the end.

The kids clubs were excellent. The club for the little ones was first rate, and they had lots of shaded and a/c room for the children to play in during the heat of the day, The staff were wonderful. Ds had a great time. Dd was 5, and didn't have such a good time. The clubs are centered on water based activity, and dd didn't like the speed boats, but the girls were very kind and tried to cheer her up.....not an easy task! The water in the pools could have been a little cleaner and she ended up with an outer ear infection....ear plugs to keep out the water would be a good idea if your children are prone to that sort of thing.

There are no child seats or back seat seat bets in Turkey, so you might was to take a front sling if you have little ones.

Other than that, can't think of anything. You'll have a great time.

Oh, and I don't 'do' sport! But dh loved the windsurfing and sailing. Sunsail are better for sailing than Mark Warner.

JanZ Tue 06-May-03 10:32:37

The other watersport holiday to consider is Nielson - they also have good childcare facilities. If you're into the watersports side, the plus point with Nielson is that the RYA instruction is included in the price.

We went to Porto Heli last year for a fortnight and had a great time. Ds's childcare was included in the price, as he was between 2 and 5 (in fact he had just turned 2). As we were at the end of the season, he ended up having practically a nanny service, as the only other wee girl wasn't confident enough to be left (although I suspect the "problem" was more with her mum!).

willow2 Tue 06-May-03 11:12:35

JanZ - thanks for Nielson info but have already booked the holiday. It's not that we're watersport nuts but, and i don't wish to boast here, but thanks to the Mumsnet competition we're off to Sunsail for free.

JanZ Tue 06-May-03 11:31:12

Have a great time then Willow2! When are you off?

willow2 Tue 06-May-03 22:16:30

Cheers JanZ september to cephalonia - but Zakynthos in four weeks (booked and paid for that one before the win!) Am feeling very flash

JanZ Wed 07-May-03 15:12:33

Both Kephalonia and Zakynhthos are beautiful places, so I'm sure you'll have a fantastic time! Went to both of them years ago (ouch - over 20 years ago!) when I was interailing round Europe as a student. Much greener than the rest of Greece - and very friendly people, although I understand that they have got more touristy now.

I'm jealous!

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