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Can anyone recommend a groovy place to go with children in Brittany?

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Finbar Mon 05-May-03 22:24:09

We have been to Brittany before and found the beaches etc to be great...but I would love to hear from anyone who can recommend places to go and places to stay in particular. I am a bit fed up of the authentic , but usually damp and dark gites we have stayed in previously!!

robinw Tue 06-May-03 06:42:31

message withdrawn

Tortington Tue 06-May-03 22:27:23

here, here robin.
we go on the tenting/caravaning hols. fab!

search google for eurosites ( expensive IMHO)
key camps
leisure directions ( my fave but have to be quick and might not get your first or second choice) and have to have money at hand - cos its cheap.

if your kids are little a caravan might be best, when older they are free to roam the site - go to the pool<s> usually entertainment in the bar - and as you take your own car to get there - your free to roam at your own pleasure.

everyone should book when there is the world cup going on - its fantastic!

Crunchie Wed 07-May-03 11:43:36

Robinw, that wasn't the Carnac campsite really near the beach was it? I can't remember the name, but we went to one about 2 summers ago and i was fantatstic.

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