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Long haul with 1 yr old, how to do it with no bassinet or car seat (flying Monarch)

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whinegums Mon 29-Jun-09 09:32:47

We're flying from Gatwick to the Maldives soon. We have a seat for DS, who will be just over a year old then, but Monarch don't supply a cot or seat (like BA). We haven't yet got his forward facing car seat, and would rather not take one anyway, especially as we have a connecting flight to LGW first.

The flight is overnight, so I'm pretty sure he'll sleep. He was great on flights earlier this year, admittedly only to Spain and London. We laid him down between us with an inflatable travel cushion and he slept almost the whole time. However, we were awake as they were daytime flights, he's a bit bigger now, and moves about more in his sleep.

Does anyone have any tips about how we can make him (and us!) as comfortable and safe as possible? And has anyone any experience of flying longhaul with Monarch? They 'allow' you to reserve seats together (which may be split over an aisle anyway hmm), is this worth doing?

savoycabbage Mon 29-Jun-09 09:43:27

I took a mei tai type sling to strap my two year old to my front when I flew to Australia. It was good because I could get some rest without having to think where she was.

whinegums Mon 29-Jun-09 20:02:57

Cheers savoycabbage. Bump for any more suggestions?

inscotland Tue 30-Jun-09 20:49:45

You can buy a cares harness which we intend doing this week. It will strap DS in so no worries about him wandering off. Other than that, we are in the same situation as you to Australia. Just have to hope that he settles and sleeps. He is 1 year old and too big for the bassinets anwya.

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