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Camping in Holland in August, should I book?

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Veggiemummy Sun 28-Jun-09 22:31:13

We are going on a little cycling and camping holiday for the first 2 weeks of August in Holland. We're catching the ferry over and planned to camp in a couple of different places for the 2 weeks, base ourselves at those places and every couple of days going for a little cycle around the local area with our DS's (3 yrs & 9 months) in our cycle trailor. Was thinking the Drenthe region, maybe Texel island and so far not definite on where else. We had planned to not book before we went to just turn up and find somewhere. Is this crazy talk for August or should we be ok running with this plan? We were going to keep it fairly flexible so happy to camp where ever but should we narrow it down a bit and try to book, and ant recommendations for areas to go to in Holland and/or camping grounds of note. Also any tips on camping in Holland?

FlorenceAndtheWashingMachine Mon 29-Jun-09 11:20:25

The Dutch holidays start and finish earlier than here, so you might be okay if you are going later in August. My sister lives there and her kids go back mid-August.

However, different regions have different dates: Useful site here

I hope that you have a great holiday. We always have a great time there, but we don't camp (houseswap with sister)so I am afraid that I can't help you with that part of your question.

Veggiemummy Mon 29-Jun-09 12:31:02

Thanks Florence that is really helpful.

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