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please help. info needed on infant flight seats

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kizzy212 Sun 15-May-05 16:58:02

any one with info on infant plane car seats. i am travelling to florida with 12 month old next year. i want my child to have own seat. However i am aware they need a car seat. anyone with info on this? where i can get one/ which are compatable?

sarahinphuket Sun 15-May-05 17:18:48

if you contact the airline they will be able to tell you. i travelled with my daughter twice last year when she was 9mths and 12 mths (Thailand to UK) - i didn't take a car seat and it was fine. I had a seat with a pre-booked bassinet which was great. If you want to have a separate seat for your infant you will have to pay the child's price, which is usually quite a bit more a rough guide I paid around 140 pounds for infant price - if I had wanted a seat for my DD the child price is somewhere around 350 -400

kizzy212 Sun 15-May-05 17:32:46

hi, i have travelled to florida with son who was 16 months at time. however this child will be born in aug this year. my son was a nightmare for the 81/2 hour flight, so definatly want it to have extra seat.whatever cost. they say i need car seat in brochure, have spoke to airline yet, what are these bassinets and would it be ok for 12 month old.

kizzy212 Sun 15-May-05 17:33:58


oooggs Sun 15-May-05 18:11:12

I travelled to Florida in December and returned the day before DS 1st birthday. He hated the basinette as he was too long for it so slept on me or his dad (highly uncomfortable!!).

It's a travel 'cot' which is a box with a matress in it (very thin) and it sits on a shelf which comes down from the bulk head. Ideal for a small baby and the brochure states up to 12 months.

kizzy212 Sun 15-May-05 21:48:35

thanks for input, i think a basinett is definatly out then. so all i have to do now is work out what car seat for the air craft.


nappybaglady Wed 18-May-05 03:47:04

Depends which airline. virgin don't let you take your own seat but you can prebook an 'infant care chair' if you've paid for a seat. These are similar to a car seat and keep the little person strapped in but recline only a little by reclining the whole seat. On our recent flight to the states we had 8 seats for a family of 4 because the flight was so quiet. We hardly used the infant seat because ds (19m) just stretched out across 2 seats and slept. On this basis I would reccommend an evening departure and pray for a quiet flight.

If you're not flying with virgin you'll just have to check with the airline. I would imagine taking your own seat would be much easier on a scheduled flight rather than a charter ( if charter even do tranns atalantic).

We are currently travelling and have got a maxi cosi priori carseat. We had no problem checking in with aIR cANADA. I've also spoken to Air NZ and singapore air who essentially both said there wouldn't be a problem with any seat with a British kite mark.

The bottom line is that you are trying to make this flight as safe as possible for your child and that if you get any hassle you can simply ask why they aren't supporting you in this. in my experience so far you won't have any hassle.
good luck

miffler Thu 19-May-05 18:54:38

hello Am intersted in anyone who has flown charter with a toddler and taken their own car seat. We booked a seat for our 18month old son and have been told the only way we can have that seat is if we take our own car seat. Has anyone else done this?? I am imagining it will be a bit of a tight squeeze!! Thanks

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