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Anyone know of a chalet type place near Dover?

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unicorn Fri 13-May-05 18:26:02

Last night someone was talking about a holiday place that sounds very reasonable, (centre parc style(ish).. in Kingsdown/knightstown or somewhere...near Dover anyhow.

any ideas where it could be?

(I had been on the old vino - so memory none too good!!)

unicorn Fri 13-May-05 18:27:47

found it!

Anyone been?

triplets Sun 15-May-05 23:07:50

Hi Unicorn,
Never been but I actually live 2 mins drive from it! It won`t be the same as centre parc, I have been there, its on a much smaller scale with far less facilities, but it is a stunning position, beautiful views across the channel where on a clear day you can see France, Kingsdown is the sweetest village with all the usual friendly shops and it has three excellent pubs where children are welcome. The beach is pebbles but at Kingsdown when the tide is out there are little patches of sand but also the most amazing rock pools, my three love it there. Then Deal the town is just along the beach, we have 2 stunning castles and a nice town centre, loads of good pubs, we have a large swimming pool and a pier! As you can see I am totally biased, but then I was born here, its one of the few nice seasidey towns left in England!

unicorn Mon 16-May-05 11:18:08

triplets it sounds v nice, aren't you lucky to live there?

I shall probably be picking your brain for more day out details from you, if we go!

(don't spose there is any steam railway place nearby for 'Thomas days out etc'.. that would be the icing on cake for ds (3yrs)!

triplets Mon 16-May-05 18:08:25

Hi Unicorn,
Yes actually! There is a small steam railway at Shepherdswell thats about 15 mins drive from here, they often do Thomas days. But also along the coast at Hythe there is the steam miniature railway which is really good for a day out, you can go down to New Romney and spend a couple of hours on the beach then get the train back. I am 53 and that was our summer treat when we were kids, its as popular as ever, sweet little stations and gorgeous steam trains, its like stepping back in time. I am happy to send you some leaflets if you decide to come!

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