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America - where to go?

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lunavix Fri 13-May-05 17:03:19

Dp and I are thinking that in the next year or two we'd love to go see a bit of America.

We aren't going to have a huge amount of money though, so travelling really isn't an option, so where should we go? We don't have anyone to visit, so ideally we'd like to go somewhere good for small children (ds is likely to be 3 or thereabouts, maybe 4) with lots of great stuff for us to see and do.

Also, what is a reasonable budget? We want to start saving now, but what on earth would it be likely to cost, with flights accomodation and spending money??

SoupDragon Fri 13-May-05 19:05:16

Florida's gulf coast is great for beaches

ceej Fri 13-May-05 23:12:41

Went to California about three years ago and it was fantastic. It was pre-baby but can't wait to take her there in the future. We flew to LA and stayed in Santa Monica which was a great location in LA and would definitely stay there again. Excellent beaches, an old fashioned funfair on a pier, cycling, great shopping, restaurants and Disneyland isn't far away. If you do manage to travel would highly recommend making the trip to Yosemite National Park. It is a bit of trek to get there but you're rewarded with some amazing scenery and wildlife - there are tents already made up and I'm sure your LO would love to stay under canvas! Have fun planning!

kama Sat 14-May-05 00:11:28

Message withdrawn

bonym Sat 14-May-05 18:14:54

California - definitely, and you have to get to Yosemite, it's just beautiful

CountessDracula Sat 14-May-05 18:17:38

Why not do a house swap? We did this to San Francisco & Bay area a few years ago, all it cost was flights really as we swapped cars too.

Did it on but there are lots of other sites.

San Francisco is great, lots to do around the area. Dunno about kids stuff as we went BC.

jennifersofia Mon 16-May-05 00:28:15

Used to live in CA, and would recommend it - all different possiblities within the state. I actually like N.California more, but it depends on what you are into.
We belong to Intervac, an international homeswap company, and there always seem to be quite a few possible swaps to CA. You can check out their 'catalogue' of places online before you are a member - just google 'intervac'. I think swaps are a great way to do it. Good luck!

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