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Mosschops returns from Holiday Village, Algarve

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mosschops30 Sat 20-Jun-09 10:23:44

And here is a quick review.

The Algarve I thougbt was very disappointing and I wouldnt go again. We had a car so did lots of travelling, but I found it quite scruffy, lots of graffiti, lots of beggars and dh was even offered drugs shock.
Holiday Village great for kids, although poor for people who want to be self catering (like we were). Lots to do for dd (12) which meant she was entertained from morning til night, ds only went to his club about 7 times during whole fortnight, but when he did go he loved it, felt very safe and good security measures in place.
Paid for ds (4) swimming lesssons with First Choice, absolutely bloody marvellous, paid for group sessions and he ended up with 1-2-1 lessons with a guy who gave him so much support and confidence that by the end of the holiday he had gained his 10m badge and certificate.

Spain again for us next year though smile

scratchet Sat 20-Jun-09 18:18:44

HI mosschops, sorry to hear you didn't like the algarve. Was hoping you could tell me a bit more as we were thinking of there next year. Where abouts did you stay? Were there any nice areas? Was it full of british pubs etc? (i hate british food/pubs when on hols) What was the weather like?

Sorry so many questions! We are wanting to book hols for next year, somewhere suitable for 10yr old, 5yr old and 9mnth old dc's. It was a choice between menorca or portugal, or maybe you could recommend somewhere?

Many thanks x

mosschops30 Sun 21-Jun-09 13:37:43

Scratchet, I would pick Menorca over Portugal anytime (have been there two years previous and will go again next year definately).

We stayed at the Holiday Village in Balaia, which was great for the kids, lots for them to do in the daytime but evening entertainment was poor.
Balaia is a quiet golfing village with virtually nothing there, its close to Santa Eulalia (smaller version of Albufera but just as nasty), full of karaoke bars, sky sports bars and nasty cafes seving egg and chips! Albufera is the biggest shithole Ive ever had the misfortune to visit, strip clubs, macdonalds, KFC, bars, pubs etc etc, drug pushers! And that was just driving through and one sad night we ate there. Alburfera old town is mildly better but not much.
Vilamoura was ok, nice marina to walk around, but again, plenty of beggars and not somewhere Id want to spend two weeks.

I think the nicest place we went to was Lagos, but again sadly lots of beggars, graffiti and I didnt feel safe there.

Sorry to be so down about it all, but I really expected a lush country full of lovely people and nice places to see and visit, but we didnt find that. I also struggled with the language, whereas I can get by in spain pretty ok. I feel safer in spain and the balearics and was just a bit disappointed with the Algarve

scratchet Sun 21-Jun-09 14:14:57

Thanks for that, its so nice to get a true account. I can't believe your dh was offered drugs! I would be petrified. Looks like we will book menorca instead unless there is anywhere on mainland spain you could recommend i look at? Thanks again x

mosschops30 Thu 25-Jun-09 16:50:10

scratchet, not as shady as it sounds, but definately not we expect from a holiday destination.

Can recommend Cala N Bosch or Cala Gladana in Menorca, love them both smile

flaime Wed 01-Jul-09 19:33:41

Beware in the algarve if you get a villa off a complex. When we got to our place there were obvious signs someone had broken in via the patio doors but the reps and owners tried to persuade us it happened long ago (scratches hadn't gone rusty so we doubted it). Our 'neighbours' behind us told us they got broken into whilst they slept the week before and again the reps told us it must have been because they left the window open...

They did fit extra locks however which helped as 5 days later they tried to break in at 5am - luckily my DH woke and scared them off. shock

Totally sleepless nights after that! This wasn't a cheap holiday either, as we booked with James villas expecting good quality. sad

JimJammum Sat 04-Jul-09 19:59:57

Really disappointed to read above comments re Algarve. We have been for the last 4 years, 3 times of those with ds, plus I went several times when I was younger. I love it there - great weather, beaches, food and people always v friendly. We stay in Vale do Lobo, Vilamoura, Quinta da Lago area in villas and hotels and cannot recommend it enough. Pricey, but perfect (and I work in hotel industry and am v v fussy!!!!!)

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