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Disney paris site how much deposit do you have to put down and when do you have to pay the whole lot by?

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MilaMae Fri 19-Jun-09 12:29:48

Thanks can't see anywhere on the site.


rosie39forever Fri 19-Jun-09 13:10:15

We booked with disney twice and you have to pay the whole lot up front but they are cheaper that any of the travel agents.

MissSunny Fri 19-Jun-09 18:18:13

Message withdrawn

snottymcgrotty Fri 19-Jun-09 23:45:09

Miss Sunny, sorry to jump in on here, but I can see you're somewhat of an expert on DLP !

I'm planning a trip with my DH and 2 DD's for a 2 night/2 day stay arriving on Sunday 12th July 09. We're not fussy on hotel etc but don't require transport as will be driving (spending 2 weeks elsewhere in france first and dropping in on way home).
DD's will be 2 (3 the week after we get back) and 11 months. Are there many things that DD1 will be able to go on ?
We're thinking of doing the halfboard option and would also like to do the Buffalo Bill thing but can the girls go to that ?
I'm presuming the girls are completely free as they're under 3, how do we go on with the half board, do we need to pay for half board for DD1 ?
I actually went to my local travel agent (first choice) today and they gave me a brochure. They seem to have given me their own copy though as it has a letter from Disney in it offering a 2 night/2day stay for £60 tickets included !!!! Shame I'm not in the travel industry (says you need 'company identification' on check-in) - GUTTED !!
If you could help out at all I would be extremely grateful as am drowning in the sea of numbers and paperwork !!!!!

Thanks in advance
Lou (

MissSunny Sat 20-Jun-09 02:08:49

Message withdrawn

snottymcgrotty Sun 21-Jun-09 00:49:31


Don't suppose you or any of your colleagues fancy a freebie 2 night stay at DLP ???? If you booked 2 rooms (1 for my family and the other for whoever), we'd be willing to pay the extra £120 (presuming the £60 travel agent promo is per adult per stay) as we'd still save money !! We're arriving there Sunday 12th July and staying 2 nights, leaving Tuesday 14th July 2009. Not worried which hotel (I believe the offer could be for any one of the Disney hotels).

Thought I'd be cheeky and offer !!

Thanks for all your info by the way. Am looking at possibility of breakfast with characters one day, or Cafe Mickey (believe characters come to the tables ?)

MissSunny Sun 21-Jun-09 03:13:16

Message withdrawn

MissSunny Sun 21-Jun-09 03:14:27

Message withdrawn

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