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Camelford, Cornwall with 2x pre-school ds: any tips?

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jkklpu Thu 18-Jun-09 22:09:25

Apart from Polzeath and other beaches on the N coast, and Bodmin steam railway, I'm looking for suggestions of things to do with 3.5yo and 20mo 2 x ds.
Thanks in advance.

livinginadreamworld Thu 18-Jun-09 22:17:55

springfields is a lovely farm/adventure place, great for little ones, straight down the a39 from camelford. Wadebridge has a new soft play cafe, which is toddler sized and older kids are not allowed, is cheap and great for rainy days - crazy camel cafe. How do you feel about bikes? There is always the camel trail which goes from padstow - wadebridge - bodmin. It is not to far at all to hire bikes in w'bridge or padstow and ride to the other for lunch and then back again. Many many hire place which all hire bikes, seats, tug along trike things and buggies which attach to the back of bikes (cant think what their called!)

will probably think of more, will come back!


jkklpu Thu 18-Jun-09 22:21:57

Oh so helpful and so fast. Ds1 has been riding a bike with stabilisers and loving it for a couple of months but not sure he'd be up to cycling on a trail. Good idea to go for ones with seats/tug-along options.
Thank you hugely. Can't wait to go but reckon we might need a few options to buckets and spades, so this is all fab. grin

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