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Roof Boxes.... what do you pack your stuff in?

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auntyspan Thu 18-Jun-09 20:38:52

We've just got a roof box on our car in anticipation of our holiday a week tomorrow - being a roofbox virgin I have no idea what to do now! I know you're supposed to put light stuff in there, so will only be putting towels, clothes etc - but what on earth do you put it all in? Plastic bags? Holdalls??

scienceteacher Thu 18-Jun-09 20:46:04

We put ours in suitcases.

MrsMuddle Thu 18-Jun-09 21:02:23

Blue Ikea bags.

aznerak Fri 19-Jun-09 08:09:07

Def not suitcases! They don't fit snuggly and move about and are not a good use of the space. We use our roofbox to drive to and fromt he south of France several times a year and whatever the weather, we always use white bin liners. If you don't overfill them, then you can fill the roofbox like a jigsaw so you use all the space efficiently and also nothing moves about when you are driving/stopping etc. Moreover, with bin bags, there is nothing to annoyingly "knock" on the roofbox as you are driving.
We have tried everything - suitcases, holdalls, even the ikea bags but we find that bin bags win hands down.
The only problem with ikea bags is they don't close, so if there is any condensation in the roofbox, there is the chance the contents will get damp whereas as we don't overfill the bin bags, we can knot them and then re-use coming home. in fact, we use the same bags for about 3 return journeys! Once home, the bags get stored in the roofbox ready for the next trip!

Hope that helps x

mumoverseas Fri 19-Jun-09 15:30:21

DH has just ordered a roof box for our summer hols and also ordered a set of 4 bags which fit the space exactly to maximise the space

auntyspan Fri 19-Jun-09 17:02:25

Super thanks everyone!!

fatzak Fri 19-Jun-09 17:06:50

When we are camping we either stuff our clothes in the reusable type supermarket bags or in bin liners blush

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