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Law regarding 3 kids in the back....

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Barmymummy Thu 18-Jun-09 16:14:36

I have a little Ford Fiesta and my hubby has a normal 4 door saloon.

We have a DD, 6 and a DS, 4 both of which are at the moment in high backed boosters.
Am considering having number 3 but am left wondering about the laws regarding car seats.
I read somewhere that my DD would be OK to sit in the middle of the back seat without a car seat as long as the other 2 younger kids obviously have appropriate car seats either side of this true?

I really don't think I'd get 3 across the back of my car.....might have to have a practice lol! Thanks....

Loopymumsy Thu 18-Jun-09 21:00:40

Message withdrawn

Barmymummy Fri 19-Jun-09 07:49:49

Oh yes absolutely of course I would smile, was just thinking about when the 5 of us need to squeese in, thanks, x

PortAndLemon Fri 19-Jun-09 08:10:25

You could get a Multimac 1000 plus a Minimac seat for the baby (at £1100 for the Multimac and £250 for the Minimac it might be cheaper to buy a new car, though grin).

PortAndLemon Fri 19-Jun-09 08:15:23

Although someone here claims that a friend of hers fits three seats in the back of a Fiesta...

Barmymummy Fri 19-Jun-09 18:11:51

Thanks! As you say, new car might be cheaper grin...def worth a try, thanks for the help! x

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