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boring but... which pushchair (s) to take for baby and toddler?

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Mum2Ela Thu 12-May-05 13:08:18

Going on hols next week . . .yay!

DS is 6 mths and DD is just over 2.5yrs. Do we .

Take double buggy?
One single pushchair (with/without buggy board)?
Two single pushchairs?

Am thinking taking the double will be a bit of a faff in restaurants.

What do you think?

Enid Thu 12-May-05 13:09:21

single pushchair and backpack?

Fimbo Thu 12-May-05 13:10:22

Is your dd happy to walk a lot? IMO I would take single pushchair and buggy board.

Mum2Ela Thu 12-May-05 13:11:03

Enid we haven't got a backpack but have a frontpack. I thought DS would be too hot in there, do you think? We are going to Cyprus.

Enid Thu 12-May-05 13:12:47

I would take frontpack and single buggy. You can always use the single buggy for ds if dd is happy to walk and keep the frontpack for transferring ds too when dd gets tired - well thats what we used to do anyway.

Mum2Ela Thu 12-May-05 13:17:16

Fimbo she is a pretty good walker and we will have a car, so I don't s'pose we will walking rediculous amounts.

How about for the evenings tho, I wouldn't think she would want to sleep if we were ata restaurant, but if it was particularly late...... whats the current thinking on pushing 2 chairs together and letting her sleep there, too common?

Mum2Ela Thu 12-May-05 13:18:19

ok how about front pack, single pushchair and buggy board. or is that silly?

Fimbo Thu 12-May-05 13:22:20

LOL at sleeping on the chairs . Would the airline let you leave the buggy board on the buggy? If so I would go for all 3 then.

elliott Thu 12-May-05 13:25:03

At this stage we took single buggy and backpack. USeful to have buggy AND somewhere to carry the baby if only at the airport.
Wouldn't bother with buggy board really.

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