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"Sorry, we dont allow babies"?!?!

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ladydivine Tue 16-Jun-09 11:34:20

We were planning a trip in Scotland with a lot of family and just heard that the intended hotel won't allow us to go as they 'dont allow babies' - is this a common thing? I wouldnt have thought places could ban babies, perhaps I'm being naive. How do you know whether babies are allowed??

LittleOneMum Tue 16-Jun-09 16:17:12

I'd check out their website and give them a call if they don't have a section called 'Children' or 'Family friendly' or something. My lovely friends in Brighton have a lovely new boutique hotel and they don't allow kids because it's a small place and has lots of stairs and isn't really right for kids. and some people actually search out places where there will be no kids - I know, can you believe it? wink

mulranno Fri 19-Jun-09 21:07:35

rible exerinece with our pfb - 10 years ago now. Read about a boutique hotel - said that children not welcome but review mentioned that they had seen a babe in arms on their visit. Booked the hotel...spoke with receptionist and mentioned we would be taking our travel cot for our 6 week old pfb.
Turned up sitting in lounge and woner comes in hysterical that we have a child...said it would scare the his cat...after a discussion where we said we hade made it clear to receptionist that we had a new born...he threw us out!!! he said something about he had so much money he didnt need our was mid evening so we went to a chain in the city centre...told the story to the doorman...who said " should have asked him to use some of his money to buy some manners!!"...that quote made my day

PortAndLemon Fri 19-Jun-09 21:16:38

I've seen plenty of hotels that don't allow under-12s. If you have a good look at the website it generally says somewhere.

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