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HELP!! Baby uninsurable for travel....

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mumeny Fri 12-Jun-09 20:53:48

Our dd, who was prem, is now 7 months old. She has a hole in her heart and has had three hospital admissions. She has had breathing difficulties, needed oxygen etc. She has seven different meds daily and we discovered today our existing holiday insurance will not cover her for one week in France!
Does anyone have experience of this? If so, what did you do, were any companies more inclined to offer cover? I've had a look around on the net but funnily enough companies do not appear to be forthcoming.
Thank you for your consideration.

1dilemma Sat 13-Jun-09 00:38:46

Hi you need to look at specialist insurers, are you still seeing anyone at the hospital (paediatric specialist nurse)? are there any help groups or organisations with a website/advice line you can contact? I seem to think there is one called Bliss. They might be able to suggest someone.

Since you are going to France you need to check what you are entitled to on the EHIC (old E111) I know it doesn't cover going overseas for medical treatment but there might be coverage for emergencies

hope you get something sorted and enjoy your holiday

mumoverseas Sat 13-Jun-09 20:09:11

not sure on insurers but like 1dilemma says, get an EHIC card. You can apply online and it takes around a week to receive the card and you will be covered for any emergency treatment required although you may find there may be exclusions for pre-existing conditions.
Definitely worth applying as the cards are valid for around 10 years.

mumeny Sun 14-Jun-09 19:41:38

Thank you both so much, I was wondering what happened to the E111, thank you for clearing that up.
She sees paediatricians fairly regularly so will give ward a call and see if they have any ideas. Bliss are great, definitely worth a try. Many thanks for your time x

1dilemma Sun 14-Jun-09 23:43:34

Had another thought it might be worth finding out how to access medical care if you are in France.
I realised the other day that I didn't even know their equivalent of 999 and don't the fireman run ambulances (or is that just Paris, or am I totally wrong)? And can you just turn up at any local hospital or is there a procedure!!

In fact I'm going to go and post in living overseas I'm so curious!!

ilovemydogandmrobama Sun 14-Jun-09 23:54:04

I think there's a difference between the reciprocal arrangement between EU countries and travel insurance. You should be entitled to any emergency treatment under the E111, but I have the idea that travel insurance would include treatment up to a certain value and bringing you back to the UK?

Call NHS Direct and they will point you in the right direction, as I believe it's Dept of health who issues E111 forms?

I recently had to call about travel arrangements for DS (who swallowed a 5p piece and have been advised he may set off security equipment!)

micku5 Mon 15-Jun-09 19:48:13

DD2 has Di George syndrome - hole in the heart, numerous chest infections inc pneumonia and is asthmatic.

We have used insureandgo and which my FIL used after he had an operation to have an anuersym removed. You do have to ring them up and tell them that your dd has a medical condition and they will transfer you to they medical dept who will ask you several questions before they give you a quote.

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