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15 month old to Mexico Riveria Maya - what should I do about milk?

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ladybrim Fri 12-Jun-09 09:50:42

I am going away for my BF wedding and my little boy will be 15 months. I don't know what to do about his milk. He is on formula at the moment and was going to put him on cows milk from 12 months but wondering if I should keep him on formula till after the holiday. Also how am I am going to make it? Can't use water in Mexico and also been told not all mineral water is safe. Would I be allowed to take ready made in my case?
So much to think about. Help anyone that has been please help.

gordonpym Fri 12-Jun-09 12:34:33

if you are in a resort, water is safe. Bottled water is fine, I ate everything and never had problems. We avoided local restaurants or just had chicken and rice.
At breakfast, there was milk for coffee and corn flakes, so unless you are going for a wild holiday ) you'll find milk on the buffet table and you can fill his bottle for the evening. You'll ve a great time, don't worry. When are you going? In September you are at hurricane risk. We were there and took last flight before they closed cancun airport. It was pure madness!

Catitainahatita Sat 13-Jun-09 03:48:53

Hi, I live in Mexico and hav done for the past 10 years. I have a 17 month old DS who had formula from 8 months.

You don't want mineral water, you want water that has been cleaned: "agua purificada" it is called, lots cheaper than mineral water anyway. It is purified by reverse omosis and as long as you don't go buying your water off the vendor on the beach/street but buy in the hotel or supermarket or 7-11 or Oxo (both small shops specialising in snacks and drinks) etc etc it'll all be fine.

If he's drinking formula still by then, you can always buy powdered milk here too quite safely.

Don't panic about it. Mexico, and especially somewhere like Cancun, is not really a dangerous option in terms of food and water. You'll probably find that even the hotel tap water has been purified (most big hotels do that). I don't recommend drinking it, merely because it tends to taste a bit funny; but it's perfectly safe.

Mexicans love children, your DS will be treated like royalty wherever you go. When my Ds was a wee bit smaller and we went out for a meal it was rare that the waitor/waitress didn't volunteer to look after the bairn while we were eating.

Enjoy your holiday!

Catitainahatita Sat 13-Jun-09 03:55:07

The milk question, I forgot. In the hotel buffet the milk provided may well be UHT; it usually is. However fresh milk is easily available in the same shops I mentioned above. Buy LALA or ALPURA or SELLO ROJO if you are concerned about safety. The ones I named are the biggest dairies here and having drunk quite a lot of milk in the last ten years, I can vouch for it's safety.

Your only hiccup might be the hot weather. I life in the north of Mexico where we are at 40 plus degrees at the mo. Taking fresh milk everywhere is a no no. I use powdered milk . NIDO it is called (but am I afraid it is a Nesleé product, if you have lots of principales in that direction, I think LALA and ALPURA also do powdered milk). I take the water in the cup and add the powder if and when he wants his milk. I'd definitely recomend it as the best way to avoid your milk going off.

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