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Easyjet travel lounge?! anyone used it at gatwick north?

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gatheringstones Thu 11-Jun-09 13:59:54

just spotted this as i amended booking so they could rip us off for pre-boarding and taking luggage.
it's not cheap £50 for all of us but it claims to have softplay etc. i'm wondering if it's any good. no bad thing to tire the kids out before they board..? or will it be scruffy and useless as i assume (jaded, me?!)

One other thing they ask if your child is aged 2 - 11 or 0 - 1 but no category for 1 - 2. which dd2 i am assuming they'd charge her (£10 for kids £14.50 for adults. each)

charlotteolivia Sun 05-Jul-09 02:33:47

if you have a child that is 1... then you will be in the 0-1. if they have turned 2, they will be in 2-11!
i have been tempted to book this but like you, not been sure of the quality...will watch

PortAndLemon Sun 05-Jul-09 02:36:39

I don't know but, like charlotteolivia, will be interested to find out...

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