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is it worth buying a travel bag for a bugaboo?

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warthog Mon 08-Jun-09 19:40:55

we normally travel with a beaten up old mclaren, but my 9 mo old hates it and won't sleep in it. plus dd1 insists on standing on the footrest in front, so dd2 is all squashed.

i want to take the bugaboo on holiday with us. more comfortable for everyone, esp as we'll be out and about so dd2 can sleep in it, but it's such a damn big thing and doesn't fold down very much. you'd have to have the travel bag with it.

anyone done this and recommend it?

blowninonabreeze Mon 08-Jun-09 19:46:28

We have one but only because I wanted to pack it in the hold, not take it as the free pushchair you're entitled to when flying.

The other plus side is that you can fit tons of extra stuff in the bag which can get around the baggage allowance issue wink

TBH I see it as a bit of a waste of money. although my only consolation was that the resale price on ebay was fab.

Where abouts in the country are you? I'm happy to lend you mine if you're in tha East midlands?

warthog Mon 08-Jun-09 22:00:48

that's very kind of you, but unfortunately i'm in london. maybe i'll have a look on ebay and see what's going...

oysterpots Sat 13-Jun-09 10:45:44

I took our Bugaboo Bee on a flight last year, it was practically new. When it came off the carousel at the baggage reclaim the carry handle bit was all bent and warped I kicked myself and wished we'd bought the travel bag.

Having said that, I'm flying on Monday and taking a Maclaren Volo which I don't have a bag for... I'm going to try to persuade them to let us take it in the cabin as it's my mum's and is in pale grey!

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