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flying with 3 month old

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Welshygirl Sun 07-Jun-09 18:06:38


I'm going on a short haul flight with a 3 month old baby and wondered if anyone had any advice/tips for me. Also does anyone know whether you can take unopened instant formula cartons through security and would I need to take the baby's birth certificate?

PacificDogwood Sun 07-Jun-09 18:17:35

'Tis EASY!!smile

That young they do not care where they are as long as they are with you.

Take milk, but in a bottle as you will have to try it in front of the security guard to prove it is milk, only milk and nothing but milk hmm. Crazy times, we live in... If baby awake, I usually offered milk (boob or bottle) on take-off and landing to avoid any potential sore ears, but never really had a problem.
I would recommend to have some sort of baby carrying device ie sling, particularly if you are flying alone.
Go to the bathroom on the ground, it is near impossible to use a plane's facilities with a baby.
If you are flying with somebody else, all is easy peasy smile.

I have flown with all 3 DSs from about 8 weeks of age, and believe me, babe in arms is SOOOO much easier than 1-2 year old, OMG grin!!

Hersetta Mon 08-Jun-09 09:26:42

Where are you flying to as your baby may need a passport?

I first flew with DD when she was 10 weeks and I flew alone as well and PD is right - it was dead easy. Not so easy now she is 21 months!

Re formula in cartons, I have been asked to open then before making then virtually useless - take water and powder to mix your own which will be fine - you;ll just have to taste the water or buy some cartons in boots when you get through security.

inscotland Mon 08-Jun-09 12:45:43

I take powder only and ask airside at a cafe for water to mix. Or I have pre-booked cartons at boots airside. I have had water and jars taken off me by security so the above is the only way to guarantee milk.

You will need a passport for baby.

mumoverseas Mon 08-Jun-09 13:00:40

agree with pacific, particularly with regards to feeding baby on take off and landing to avoid problems with ears.

Agree with all comments about cartons, sadly most security people are numpties who have never had kids wink I recently bought a really good holder for forumla in mothercare. It has 4 compartments each big enough to hold enough powder for a bottle and then take bottles with just water as don't like to make them up too early. If they get arsy/anal at security and refuse to allow you to take it instead of just making you taste it, I then just buy bottled water once through security and use that or you can just ask cabin crew for water but the problem with that is you have to wait for it to cool down.

as IS says, worth contacting Boots airside and asking them to put aside cartons for you.

I'm flying tomorrow night with my little man aged 4 months and WILL remain calm and unstressed at security grin

Not sure what you mean about birth certificate, you will need passport unless perhaps an internal flight in UK but then you will need some sort of ID for little one I'd imagine

pookamoo Mon 08-Jun-09 13:17:40

We flew to Germany with DD (see photo on profile!) when she was 4 months. It did get quite hot on the plane, and I would second the advice about the difficulties with the toilets - also, if it's a short flight as ours was, there might be a queue for the toilet meaning you have to improvise for a nappy change (tray table just about right size! grin )

DD had to have her own passport. We also took a copy of her birth certificate with us, as it was the only way we would be able to prove she is our DD, as there is nothing on the passport to link her to us, IYSWIM.

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