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do you know any british lawyers working in Australia?

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bosscat Mon 09-May-05 16:18:02

We are thinking about taking our chances in Oz. Dh is a barrister and I am trying to find out information regarding how easy it is working over there. I know they have the same legal system as us and theoretically its possible, but need information as to whether in reality it works out, what kind of money they earn, do they need barristers over there? Have tried Google but can't find much out. Can anyone help?

eidsvold Mon 09-May-05 21:52:08

it might pay to check the australian high commission website - that has info regarding immigration.


milge Mon 09-May-05 22:06:11

One of dh's colleagues left the bar inthe uk about 4 years ago for Australia. He's now working for the state prosecutor in WA, and tried to get dh to stay and work when we went to visit him. I would have stayed like a shot, but dh thought it was too hot to work! IIRC, Uk bar practitioners can work in QLD and WA with no further Aus. qualifications, other states make you take further exams. I think he first went over on a 12m exchange program, got some contacts, got someone to sponsor his entry, and got residency about 12m ago. The conversation was 2 years ago, so i may not have got it right

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