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How soon can new baby fly?

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tab Mon 09-May-05 15:47:08

Does anybody know if there are any rules about this? medical or otherwise. Sounds absolutely crazy I know but we really want to go to Ireland to wedding which falls 3 weeks after due date. We realise it might not be possible but are relying on fact that ds1 came dead on time and hope that no 2 will stick to his due date! Has anybody travelled so soon? And has anybody tried to get a passport very soon after birth? Please help. I know this is a bit crazy. I have skimmed down the list of previous questions as Im sure it's there somewhere but any help gratefully received. Thankyou.

Lolasmum Mon 09-May-05 15:50:46

I think getting a passport is the main issue. So, I suppose that depends where abouts in Ireland you're going to. North or Republic.

hunkermunker Mon 09-May-05 15:51:55

I vaguely remember seeing something on TV a while back about the minimum period before a baby can fly - there IS one, I just can't remember how long it is!!

ladymuck Mon 09-May-05 15:51:56

Check with airline - most have an absolute limit on 2 weeks.

Passport is trickier because you need the birth certificate. So long as you can get an early appointment with the Registry Office you should be OK (though it may be expensive!).

Lolasmum Mon 09-May-05 15:52:45

Meant to add... The passport office say you have to allow for 4 weeks for a new passport. You can't get a new passport until you have a birth certificate. Aparently in Lambeth there is waiting list for appointments to register the birth.

Good luck!

starlover Mon 09-May-05 15:52:56

am picturing little babies flying round the nursery in hospital


I've had too much coffee today, sorry

dinosaur Mon 09-May-05 15:53:31

Tab, you won't be able to get a passport for him/her until you've registered the birth, as you need to send off his/her birth certificate. In our area it takes about six weeks to get an appointment to register the birth.

Even if you are flying to Northern Ireland you need proof of identity for yourselves and the baby if you are flying - well, that's been our experience anyway - and therefore you need either a passport or the baby's birth certificate.

ladymuck Mon 09-May-05 15:53:37

Ryanair are OK from Day 8.

hunkermunker Mon 09-May-05 15:54:32

Starlover, I had the same image!

ladymuck Mon 09-May-05 15:55:14

Once you have the brith certificate you can still take the emergency application route - quick but expensive. But whether you really need the hassle for a wedding - not sure!

beansprout Mon 09-May-05 15:55:38

Mine's 6m and can't even crawl yet! Arf arf!!

suedonim Mon 09-May-05 16:01:07

When we lived abroad new mums would fly back from hospital in Singapore within 48hrs!

Janh Mon 09-May-05 16:03:39

Not until their wings develop, I think.

tab Mon 09-May-05 16:09:09

Ha Ha. Thanks for all your messages. have just been reading Ryan Air's terms and conditions - no photo id required for infant if travelling to Republic which we are so no need for birth cert. Just concerned re any medical reasons. A friend said it was more likely to be dangerous for the mum which hadnt been my concern. yes I know it is completely crazy. But Im in my last few weeks now and my brain has melted. I cant remember how uncomfortable and antisocial I felt after the birth 2 and half years ago. I mean honestly, we asked these friends to put back their wedding another month but they'd already booked the castle!! I so want to go - sounds like the loveliest venue.

ladymuck Mon 09-May-05 16:25:11

If the baby is premature then I think that there is a longer period of no flying recommended. US airlines won't carry under 2 weeks due to the effect of cabin pressure on ears (not sure whether it is better or worse with a straight up and down trip IYSWIM).

Personally I think that you're insane . Your pg bloom will have faded, you'll still have a saggy stomach, and you'll look crap because you've had no sleep for 3 weeks. And the bride will hate you because your new baby will be the star of the day.

Bramshott Mon 09-May-05 17:14:12

You may have been advised that it's risky for you as your risk of DVT is still much heightened (or maybe even more heightened) for the six weeks post-delivery. I had a DVT in this period, although I didn't fly. So maybe take extra precautions like anti-embolic stockings? Good luck!

Twiglett Mon 09-May-05 17:16:10


I thought this was a funny thread

like 'my baby is 6 months old and not flying yet, should I be worried'

Twiglett Mon 09-May-05 17:17:25

its 2 weeks by the way (I saw it on Airline once and they wouldn't take a newborn who was ONE day off the 2 weeks on easyjet)

Blu Mon 09-May-05 17:27:49

Tab - check your baby can get back in to this country, though. My friend discovered she could get into the republic without a photo id - but then couldn't get back here....can't remember what the exact circumstances were, though.

swedishmum Mon 09-May-05 18:00:27

I went to New York with blessing of doc and midwife at 5 weeks (freebie so we didn't want to miss out!)so wouldn't worry personally about flying. I delivered passport form by hand and got passport back 5 days later but that was in Feb.

lou33 Mon 09-May-05 19:03:44

Flew with dd2 when she was 3 days old from dublin to uk

Cooperoo Mon 09-May-05 19:12:07

It depends on the airline. BA will take a baby that is 48 hrs old, Easyjet want to wait 2 weeks etc. If it makes you feel any better my baby is due on the 13th June and we have flights booked back to the UK from Cyprus (5 hr flight) on the 6th July!!! The passport is my main concern. This is for a wedding also. We will be staying for nearly a month once we get there though and I have booked flexible fares so I can change the flight if necessary. If you have a section BA won't fly you until 10 days after the op.
Good Luck.

ghosty Tue 10-May-05 01:01:47

Friends of ours flew from NZ to UK (that is 2 12 hours flights with a 2 hour stop in Singapore) with their 4 week old.
It only takes a couple of weeks to get an NZ passport so obviously if the waiting time in the UK is longer that would be the main problem.

tab Tue 10-May-05 11:29:38

Thanks again for all your helpful replies. lou33, presumably you managed to get back into the UK ok on returning from Dublin. Cooperoo - Im glad somebody else wants to go to a wedding. Here's hoping we can avoid the c sections. I think Im going to wait until babe comes before booking anything even though I know that makes it more expensive.
Wow - ghosty 12 hour flight is long. But I do think that its something that I would never have even contemplated first time round - ie even short haul. Second time round you realise that its actually much harder once they start moving! - hence plan to leave ds1 (2y 10m)with granny.
Thanks again everyone.

Cooperoo Tue 10-May-05 11:36:57

Tab - Totally agree about not considering it first time round. I am expecting my second baby too. Good Luck, I am sure it will work out. Part of me is looking forward to the flight as I will be in charge of the baby (should be feeding and sleeping) and DH will have sole charge of dd who will be 2 and 3 months. Evil hee hee.

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