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Car seats and Travelling to Spain with the kids

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Spoo Wed 03-Jun-09 20:00:30

I am going to Spain next Monday with my DSs 3 and 4 next Monday. My mum has a place there and I'll be meeting her at Barcelona airport. I'm travelling on my own with the kids though. I'm not worried about it as I flown teir loadds but just a little anxious that the kids behave and I keep my cool. Does anyone have any practical words of advice? Or ideas for suitable actiities on the plane. I am planning taking a packed tea on the plane - so that'll occupy them for a while - also will take plenty of small toys. Should I try to take the buggy on with me? or is that too much hassle? ALSO - can I check the car seats in for free - I seem to think I can but not sure why. I'm flying with BMI Baby, so I'll ring them but I thought I'd ask here first. I'm quite excited by the challenge of 2 pre-schoolers and an aeroplane. AM I MAD??

Spoo Wed 03-Jun-09 20:01:09

Sorry about typos - typing too fast tonight!!

Spoo Thu 04-Jun-09 16:53:23

No one then?

Spoo Thu 04-Jun-09 17:03:58

Well I have just rung BMI baby and they are telling me it'll cost me £25 per car seat per flight. That's £100. Last time we hired car seats but they were covered with dried on puke and not very looked after at all!

Bucharest Thu 04-Jun-09 17:06:58

I doubt you'd be allowed to take the buggy onto the plane tbh....I've never seen'll probably find you need less stuff to keep them amused than you think...a couple of new books, a couple of old favourites, crayons and a colouring book if they're old enough. Dd is always so excited about the Pringles (she's only allowed them on a plane...) and loves looking around her..

There's another thread from a poster about to fly to France on her own with Lyingair,which is full of tips about seating...(not sure if BMI baby is a non-numbered seat thingy)

Spoo Thu 04-Jun-09 17:11:52

I didn't mean onto the plane - I meant to the plane door. Whoops! Regarding the car seats I didn't mean to use them on the plane - I meant for once I am over there. I will look for the other thread.

Bucharest Thu 04-Jun-09 17:25:18

Oh right- yes, up to the plane door, saves loads of hassle....I'll go and find you the other thread...

Bucharest Thu 04-Jun-09 17:26:08

Spoo Thu 04-Jun-09 19:04:46

Thanks Buca!

gordonpym Fri 05-Jun-09 06:01:28

you can rent car seats in Barcelona here. Should be clean, no clue about prices, so have a look

Spoo Fri 05-Jun-09 08:33:35

THanks gordon - I will look.

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