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porto calpe - anyone know it?

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laurawaterford Tue 02-Jun-09 08:20:30

We have booked an apartment here overlooking the marina. Does anyone know Calpe? I thought it was an undiscovered fishing village and now read it is the next Benidorm..?! Oh Lord, have I booked over the internet only to regret it again (see my review and pics on chateau du fretay

The web cam shows a lovely beach, and so long as my accommodation is ok - so am I. I am staying at club nautico apartments overlooking the marina - I booked it privately (again!!) and so would appreciate anyone knowing of it

Thanks so much

laurawaterford Tue 02-Jun-09 08:24:33

link hopefully works here

this is us and our disasterous accomm

laurawaterford Thu 04-Jun-09 20:47:07

hopeful bump..?

laurawaterford Sat 06-Jun-09 16:48:27

sad any recommendations...?

puffling Mon 08-Jun-09 23:04:58

Calpe is a mini Benidorm. Don't worry though. a marina view will be lovely, weather will be lovely.
I remember your Chateau de Fretay thread. That seems like years ago.

lilolilmanchester Fri 12-Jun-09 00:27:01

apologies if you got this twice, have already posted today and it seems to have disappeared....
We were in Calpe at Easter and I think were in the next apartments to you. OK, so Easter isn't high season but even so, I can't see it'll be like Benidorm. The view of the marina is awesome, DH and I just sat and looked at it and couldn't believe how beautiful it was. The beach (behind the apartments) is long and lovely. Busier in the summer no doubt but lots of it to go around. The restaurants to the right of the marina plus all along the beach offer set price menus which were SO reasonable and good value that we spent less than on other holidays in southern Spain with better exchange rate. We walked up Penon I'fach (the "rock" next to the apartments) Challenging, but the views were amazing. Unless Calpe changes completely in the summer, I can't see why you wouldn't have a wonderful break. Good luck!

balidream Wed 08-Jul-09 17:10:26

Hi, came back from Calpe this week and stayed at Club Nautico apartments. Fabulous holiday, wonderful apartment and location with mesmerising views across the port and marina. Fantastic sitting on the terrace just watching the fishing boats come in and generally watching the world go by.
The beach at the front of the apartments and to the right is very spanish (very few brits, which we liked), swimming is wonderful and restaurants very close. Hope you have a great time

laurawaterford Sun 09-Aug-09 23:15:26

oh thanks for your messages - only just found this thread again.

I cannot wait I am sooo excited. This time next week we will be there! All tips greatly appreciated. Nicest restaurants for morning coffee, best place to swim, and eat at night.

We are staying at club nautico too! How about the swimming pool? It was described as private for our apartment but clearly it isn't. Not to worry though! Is it used much by the residents? etc. I am so excited I am probably blathering. But give me any info about Calpe and I will faint with excitement!!

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