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Where to travel with a 1-year-old in august? Ideas needed please!

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Maria2007 Mon 01-Jun-09 21:11:58


We have a 10 month old, very active little boy. (He's just taken his first steps today actually, yay!!) So: we want to go for a 10-14 day relaxing (I stress the word relaxing!) holiday in august. We are thinking more village / mountain than sea. Any recommendations? Any tips about anything? How do people manage childcare (even for 1 night, just to stroll around a bit)? Do the babies sleep in the same room usually on holidays, or in another room? Do most hotels provide cots? Anyway, lots of questions as you can see... My emphasis is on relaxing, doing it as easily as it could be, because already dealing with a 10 month old (soon to be 1 year!) is hard work.

Maria2007 Wed 17-Jun-09 13:34:30

Bump? Anyone? We're now actually thinking of somewhere in the UK... preferably somewhere with lots of green / maybe near the sea... and ideally a child-friendly hotel. Any ideas?

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