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B&B Somewe're nice in Wales

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fairydust Sun 08-May-05 14:46:08

Can anyone recomend a nice b&b in wales preferavle near the sea side.

happymerryberries Sun 08-May-05 21:07:44

Can't recoment a b & B but I can recomend Tenby as a destination. Fantastic place for a family holiday

pixiefish Sun 08-May-05 21:08:55

which part?

pinkmamma Fri 13-May-05 13:56:58

tenby is great, if you get a map and look anywhere along that coastline ie. southwestwest wales. saundersfoot, amroth etc.
tenby is full of b&b's - it is a relatively small historic town with fantastic beaches and trips to caldey island
i don't know of b&b;s as live down here but just search b&b tenby

lapsedrunner Fri 13-May-05 17:39:38

Can't recomend a b&b but can recomend fantasitc self catering for families near lovely beaches. Have a look at

happymerryberries Fri 13-May-05 17:42:38

Sorryfairy dust, missed your follow up question. there are loads of great places in and around tenby. The twon itself is great. Lots of nice little shops selling sea side things without it becoming too much 'Kiss me quick' IYSWIM.

There are also nice camp sites on the outskirts. Can't give you specifics as I haven't gone there to stay for years. But it is beautiful. Small enough to walk about. Beaches that are amazing.Fab place

tiptop Fri 13-May-05 17:59:18

We've stayed at a lovely b&b called (iirc) the Cwmwdig Water Guest House. That was in Pembrokeshire, but I think it was a good bit further up the coast than Tenby.

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