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Advice needed by "L PLATE" twin mum - Cardiff to Faro on BMI Baby

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sazzleevans Mon 01-Jun-09 10:17:31

I need some advice if you dont mind, I am an new mum and really unsure the best way to get me, the other half, two car seats, a pushchair and twins onbaord without needing another holiday lol

I have a big pushchair and Easywalker Duo which i love. I use it as a travel system with 2 car seats on at the moment which would be ideal as we need to take the car seats anyway BUT it is very big. Do you think i would get away with taking it as a travel system up to the gate or not??

My concern is its big and will take all the book space of our hired 307 estate BUT it would be fab to take it but will i be able to do this as its a travel system and not just a pram??

I have bought a second hand silevrcross pop duo which is MUCH smaller but if i took that i would have to take the car seats seperate. Would i need to check them in and pay extra do you think?

Would it be better to check it all in and carry them in a sling?

You see i a have no idea where to start. Any tips etc would be fab


heavenstobetsy Mon 01-Jun-09 10:26:24

If it were me, I think I would hire car seats with the estate and leave mine at home - I've seen the way the baggage handlers fling cases around, I never really liked the idea of a seat taking a big knock without me knowing. Then take the silvercross up to the gate. Keep the slings with you for getting the babies through passport control etc at the other end before you get the buggy back.

Have a great holiday !

sazzleevans Mon 01-Jun-09 10:41:44


Thanks for your reply.

I have been looking around and most hire companies only hire car seats that are suitable over for babies over 9months. I just phoned the one hire company and they said it because of the standard needed for babies less than 9 it seems i will have to take the saga goes on lol.


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