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Anyone ever done an epic journey by road?

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lisalisa Sun 31-May-09 21:14:07

Having travelled extensively during my ( relative ) youth and enjoyed it immensely, I have always hankered after revisiting my travel bug once the kids grew bigger. For years we dutifully did short haul and "safe" trips.

We have just now returned from a 2 week drive across france staying in eurocamp sites and the kids ( 5 of them aged between 3 and 12 yrs) coped brilliantly . It was a real eye opener and education for them to cope in small villages asking for directions and for us to negotiate directions, supermarkets and medicines in our fairly limited french and has made me hanker after more.....

Dh wants to do a road trip next summer from London to Israel. He has actually always wanted to do this but since the success of our last trip this has resurfaced with renewed vigour!

After researching a bit the ferry sitaution between Isreal and Greece is a bit hit and miss so we plan to fly once we get to Athens which would mean London to Athens by car.

We plan to take 2 weeks for this leg.

Has anyone done an epic like this by car and any tips or websites I could look at it to tap into local /traveller type knowledge ( not routes or directions as I've already found that and played around with it suitably).

thanks all

lisalisa Mon 01-Jun-09 12:44:55

bumpity bump

2anddone Wed 03-Jun-09 19:09:57

Hi just found your message, have never done it but one day want to drive the USA going from East to West and back again stopping at as many states as poss one the way. Trip advisor might be a good site to try I have always found it really helpful. Have fun I think you are very brave doing this with 5 kids!

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