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Parking in Hounslow for one Day

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pavlovthecat Sat 30-May-09 08:20:41

I beleive there are carparks at the tube stations in Hounslow...Anyone use these?

How much will it cost me for one day to park there - a sunday from about midday to about 1-2am?

Or any recommended parking near a tube station?


kslatts Sat 30-May-09 17:43:37

There are car parks at Hounslow East and Hounslow West stations, I'm not sure how much they are. We usually park at Osterley which is on the A4 and there is a car park there, it is only about £2 for the day on a Sunday. It's the next stop from Hounslow as you go into London.

If you are going from a Hounslow station towards London, Hounslow West is the furthest out and in a different zone so your tube fare will be more. If you are going towards Heathrow then Hounslow West would be the best one to go from.

pavlovthecat Sat 30-May-09 19:11:47

Oh thank you, so if we go to hounslow then carry on towards osterly? Is it on the picadilly line? £2 is perfect!

We are going to see Bruce Springsteen at the Hard Rock Calling Festi in Hyde Park. We were going to get the train - tickets are £100 each! Or we were going to go by coach from Plymouth, which takes 5.5 hours to victoria and last coach back is like 11pm getting us back at 4:30am shock. Neither of them can get us into London before at least midday. So we figured we are on straight route to London - M5/M4/A4, will take us 3.5 hours max, then the last tube back is like 1am or something stupid if we want to be that late.

Funny, everyone talks about the best way to travel being public transport, don't drive by car. But it will cost us £45 in petrol and take us 4-5 hours to get from door to door, get us to London as early as we want and we can leave as late as we want. So much more flexible, cheaper, convenient. Such a shame.

AttilaTheMeerkat Sat 30-May-09 21:58:21

All those stations are on the Piccadilly line.

See you there, am off to see Bruce and co at that festival too!!.


pavlovthecat Sun 31-May-09 16:04:23

Lovely, that will work out perfectly then!

See you there atilla grin We got our tickets through in the post yesterday YEY!

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