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Been to Dubrovnic?

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Tortington Thu 28-May-09 12:27:37


my best friend in the whole wide world and i are tentatively planning a trip to Dubrovnic next year.

have you been, how did you find it?

Tortington Thu 28-May-09 12:44:07


Stellywelly Fri 29-May-09 09:51:17

Hi Custardo

I went to Dubrovnik about 6 years ago (before kids....). What sort of holiday are you looking for? Within the walls of Dubrovnik - georgous but small! Outside is package tour tour country (nothing wrong with that - we were on one!)with groups of hotels in quite built up areas and you normally need to get a bus into Dubrovnik. Not many places to stay within wall. We actually headed off to the Island of Lupud for a couple of nights with a small bag and got accommodation there. Lovely smile

Also really loved Split - suprisingly cosmopolitan (I just thought would be v industrial) and we ferry hopped to Hvar and Vis - one of most favourite holidays ever. Croatia (and it's people) - wonderful!

Rosa Fri 29-May-09 19:10:58

Yes - loved it but if you stick to Dubrovnik itself then a few days is enough if you go exploring up the coast and some other bits then more.

narmada Wed 17-Jun-09 14:10:26

Hi Custardo,
I've been to Dubrovnik quite a lot, and other places in croatia too. If you have specific questions, happy to try and help. How old are your kids? If any of them are still in buggies, you may have to do a bit of hoiking around Dubrovnik - there are quite a few steps in the pedestrianised (main) areas. But that would be my only reservation. I love Dubrovnik - it is one of my fave places, and it even has a town beach, which from memory is sandy - quite unusual in croatia.If you fancy somewhere a bit less towny, you could try Cavtat (pronounced Tsavtat) just down the coast. It is quite touristy but has good hotels, a beache and a nice setting. 25 mins from Dubrovnik by local bus.

I would also recommend an island to provide a bit of variety - one of the elaphiti islands could be good, although very quiet. Or Korcula - this has a nice medieval town centre, like a mini-dubrovnik, and at Lumbarda there are nice sandy beaches.

Loads of self-catering accommodation in croatia, furnishings can be a bit basic and '70s retro tho!


UC Wed 24-Jun-09 16:05:31

hello. Sorry to hijack - I wanted to ask whether it's possible to do day trips to the little islands from Dubrovnik? I'm going to Cavtat for 2 weeks in August... thanks, UC

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