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Dble pushchair advice - side by side or front and back?

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mrscactus Sat 23-May-09 22:33:38

Hi! I have 2 DSs; 25 months and 1 month and am really struggling to decide what to do re a double buggy.
I'm not sure if it's even worth buying a double pushchair as I assume (?) my eldest will be wanting to walk even more soon - but while he still needs a sleep perhaps I should get one? Mind you at the moment the youngest is in the sling so eldest can use the single buggy...
How long do you think this is likely to carry on? Advice please!

If we do go down the double buggy route, do you think a side by side or back and front one is best? The Phil and Ted ones look like they'd be better than side by side for on buses, but it seems so mean having one at the back not being able to see anything! Also isn't it a bit more sociable for the boys if they are next to each other?

I'm completely stuck and any advice/opinions would be really appreciated.

Thank you!

littleboyblue Sat 23-May-09 22:41:09

My ds's are 21 months and 15 weeks. I don't like the phil and teds so went for the one behind the other. I decided on that to avoid fighting, poking and eye gouging! I have the cosatto duet lite and is perfect for getting on a bus, never had a problem.
Most children I know have been out of pushchair between 2.5 and 3 years.

Mousey84 Sat 23-May-09 22:42:53

I like back and front one - easier to get through doors and on narrow paths (lots of those round here) Its a graco tandem pro or something like that. Wouldnt fancy taking any double onto a bus though...

Ask around and see if someone could lend you theirs for a day or two to see how you get on? When I needed to get one, I got lots of offers and ended up buying mine off a friend for £20.

In my limited experience of side by side, unless both kids are similar weight, I had a sore wrist as the weight distribution wasnt equal on both sides.


nippersnappers Sat 23-May-09 22:43:57

Phil and Teds fan here. DS2 loved being in the back seat as he got loads of attention from passers by and such like.

Another good point as when your oldest does decide to start walking everywhere you won't be left with a huge double buggy.

I'm looking at selling mine now though as DS2 is walking almost everywhere now and the lightweight stroller we have will see him over the summer.

I'm v sad to sell it though as it is like marking the end of the baby phase.

nippersnappers Sat 23-May-09 22:45:20

God it made me broody just typing that.

Stayingsunnygirl Sat 23-May-09 22:49:00

When my dses were young, I had both side-by-side and one behind the other buggies - in fact, at one point I had 4 buggies in the hall - two umbrella folding light ones (one double, one single) and two sturdier ones - again one double and one single. [blushes]

The double umbrella folding side-by-side was lighter, easier to get in and out of the car, and a total bugger to use because it was so wide - I couldn't get down the aisles in shops, or down some roads where there were trees growing in the pavement (if you know what I mean), and for what I wanted it for, it was utterly impractical and rarely got used.

The other double buggy was a silver cross - built like a tank, with two reclining seats. It was a real challenge to fold and unfold - I don't recall ever doing it single handed unless both children were safely strapped in the car whilst I wrestled with the buggy, and it was pretty heavy to push, but the one big advantage was that the toddler seat was at the back, which made pushing it up onto kerbs much much easier.

I did try out a double buggy where the toddler sat at the front, and the amount of force I had to put on the handle in order to get the front wheels to lift to kerb height, was ridiculous, and I definitely wouldn't recommend any double buggy that puts the toddler at the front. I'm sure if I remembered what I learned in maths about fulcrums and weights and moments of force, I could explain why it was so heavy to lift like this - suffice it to say, it was!

blithedance Sat 23-May-09 22:53:51

You don't have that kerb problem with a Phil and Ted's - the weight is further back and the big wheels help.

Sociable = pinching poking & snatching if experience of my 2 in supermarket trolleys is anything to go by.

nippersnappers Sat 23-May-09 22:55:59

ha ha ha blithe, don't you just love it when they're 'sociable' grin

Stayingsunnygirl Sat 23-May-09 23:09:51

Ahhh well, you see, blithedance - when I had my babies, Phil and Ted were just gleams in their parents' eyes! wink[old bag emoticon]

Woollymummy Sat 23-May-09 23:16:13

OK, we did Phil and Teds from DS's birth when DD was 22 months or so. DS grew out of the coccoon quite soon, but then had the shelf bit and a sheepsking to lie on. Then when he was 5 months I tried him in the back seat and he loved it, but when he was about 8 or 9 months, DD decided she like that bit better, so she went in the back and he loved going in the front. She is getting a bit leggy for the back now, hardly ever needs to go in it anyway, and if she moans that she wants to go in the front, I remind her she will not be allowed to get up and wander about if she feels like it, so she usually walks. Just leave plenty of time!!

mrscactus Sun 24-May-09 12:50:32

Wow! Thank you so much everyone. It really is a minefield isn't it? I hadn't even considered the weight distribution point - but now you say it Staying Sunny and Mousey it makes total sense.
Sounds like back to back isn't as bad as I'd thought... and definitely better on buses.

How is the storage on the back to back buggies? It always looks pretty poor - and I rely on this in my single buggy for dumping everything in!

Mousey84 Sun 24-May-09 21:33:29

The back / front one I have has masses of space underneath, in fact, I have fitted the lunchboxes and schoolbags of 4 kids in there, as well as a well stocked nappy bag.

However, in mine you can only put the baby in the back. Both the toddlers I look after (Im a childminder) are similar weight, so hasnt made a difference, though the slightly younger always sits in the back as he sleeps better when lying flat.

One other thing Ive thought of is the handles - in my opinion, try to get one that has a bar handle that goes right across the pram, as opposed to a handle at each side. I feel that being able to change where I put my hands alleviates strain on the wrists, esp when tipping them to go up kerbs.

Bonnycat Mon 01-Jun-09 23:12:10

Another Phil and Teds fan here.
The storage is not v good but i leave the second seat on and pile it full of shopping when DD is at nursery,its fab grin

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