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Who did you travel with to go to Egypt, were they any good and any would you recommend?

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GossipMonger Wed 20-May-09 17:54:15

Looking for Easter 2010 for our 10th WA.

2 adults and 2 children - one room.

any advice?

EachPeachPearMum Wed 20-May-09 17:56:05

Kuoni... absolutely brilliant!

hifi Thu 21-May-09 09:59:35

we did our own, booked ba flights and stayed four seasons cairo and sharm.all very easy. out of in interest why do you want to do it through a travel company?
as we did multiple destinations on our honeymoon we did use trailfinders who were excellent.

MissSunny Thu 21-May-09 10:06:36

Message withdrawn

GossipMonger Thu 21-May-09 18:16:18

Ooh thanks! I was just having a feel around really.

Not sure where to go but what i want is

All inclusive

Kids club


Family beach holiday rather than beach and city - thanks Miss Sunny and everyone! smile

Vicky31 Fri 22-May-09 14:01:03

We did a multi destination honeymoon in Egypt and booked with Key2Egypt who were fantastic - meeting us at every destination and taking care of everything. There was even a man waiting to carry our luggage from the domestic to the international part of Cairo airport when we flew in to catch our flight home. Couldn't recommend them highly enough - and they came in cheaper than quotes from trailfinders and Kuoni for the same holiday.

JessJess3908 Mon 22-Jun-09 10:56:49

We went to the marriot at Taba with longwood:

I booked through a price comparison site - maybe holiday hypermarket, we stayed all inc - was a very good deal.

I've also been to Luxor. I would not travel independantly to egypt. the package holidays, esp to red sea areas, can be v cheap and much less hassle.

MissSunny Mon 22-Jun-09 15:17:50

Message withdrawn

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