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Helmets for babies

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Emmaroo Mon 18-May-09 22:33:29

I am keen to get riding on my bike with baby in the seat behind me. Where on earth can I get a helmet to fit her? She is 14 months old. Any advice would be much appreciated.

sleepwhenidie Mon 18-May-09 22:34:23 should have some.

sleepwhenidie Mon 18-May-09 22:37:12

sorry - it is here

narmada Wed 17-Jun-09 14:18:31

Did you get one? We had same issue with our DD, same age as yours. We bought a Specialized 'Small Fry' one in the end, from Evans Cycles. It fits head sizes from 44 cm up - which is good for us as our daughter has a very small head, 2nd percentile!

BikeRunSki Sat 20-Jun-09 15:29:57

Lots of manufacturers make them, but you should go to your local bike shops and try some out to make sure it fits properly.

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