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Egypt - Taba Heights - Marriott or Hyatt? Anyone been? Am I mad going in July?

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orangina Sun 17-May-09 09:45:44

I've been to the hyatt at taba twice (once w kids, once w/o) and I really enjoyed it both time. House reef at hyatt fantastic, if you like snorkelling. Nothing else to do re: local culture or anything, but good day trips. Will be VERY hot. Food was fine.

themoon66 Sun 17-May-09 09:42:00

mrspink27 Sat 16-May-09 21:32:49

Thanks Lady Godiva - tips noted!

Themoon66... your email bounced back.... will try again

LadyGodiva Sat 16-May-09 11:50:39

We are just back from the Hyatt in Taba, two couples both with girls aged 17 months. We had a fab time, had the kids pool to ourselves most days. Lots of shade, so should be o.k in July. One of our little girls got sick, and there was only one doctor on duty- no where to get a second opinion if you want it, (3 of us are in the medical trade and we were not impressed). Food is a bit limited for really young children, though the spagetti bog went down well on the days they had it. Ask for a room on the ground floor, as all the balconys were dangerous for wandering toddlers. Not much to do in Taba itself but day trips good. No seatbelts on coach tranfers so do take a car seat if possible and prearrange a seat with a belt.

themoon66 Fri 15-May-09 19:14:26

hmm your email appears to have not arrived.

mrspink27 Fri 15-May-09 15:11:05

Have emailed! Thanks

themoon66 Fri 15-May-09 13:26:34

MrsPink... can you email your address to themoon66@yahoo dot com

I'll fiddle around and send you some pics this evening (Am at work at the moment).

mrspink27 Fri 15-May-09 13:23:53

Yes please that would be great...

themoon66 Fri 15-May-09 12:49:25

DS is 17 and is off to the watersport centre by himself most days. DH likes to snorkel and so do I, but only in the mornings because the wind gets up by lunch time and the sea becomes too choppy.

I will mostly be laid by the pool, catching up on loads of reading and people watching behind my very dark glasses.

I hope to fit in a trip to Israel (Dead Sea spa). We didn't chance last year as we were only there one week.

I have some lovely photos of last year's holiday which I could email you if you like... views of the beach, pools, hotel etc.

Oh.. before I forget... take loads of rehydration sachets and anything you can think of for upset tummies. EVERYONE had the shits and vomiting for a day or two - it seems to be the norm (apart from me) [cast iron stomach emoticon]

mrspink27 Fri 15-May-09 11:22:51

themoon66... how spooky an MN meetup in Egypt!!! how old are your dcs?

mrspink27 Fri 15-May-09 11:22:13

Thanks everyone... am a bit concerned about how stinkingly hot it will be.... Quiet and no shops is exactly what we are after... may do one trip maybe to Petra...
Thanks for all the tips!

themoon66 Fri 15-May-09 10:23:19

We went in August last year and it was 52c on some days, but spent a lot of time in the water. DS loves his scuba.

Planning to go again this year... 6th July for two weeks. I'll see you there! (Hyatt with Longwood holidays).

MissSunny Fri 15-May-09 10:08:41

Message withdrawn

PheasantPlucker Fri 15-May-09 09:04:47

PS The trip to Petra was fab

PheasantPlucker Fri 15-May-09 09:04:01

Hyatt was great. Be prepared for a mad scrum at Taba airport and a police escort on the convoy of coaches...... I was a bit thrown when I arrived! grin

hf128219 Fri 15-May-09 08:59:59

My SIL loves the Hyatt at Sharm.

whooosh Fri 15-May-09 08:08:08

It will be*stinking *hot.
We stayed at the Hyatt in Sharm at Easter and it was fabulous.

Beetroot Fri 15-May-09 07:50:07

. We went t Sofatel inTaba at Christmas.
It will be hot so if you like hot, swimming, massages, scuba diving, good food then go for it.
Both places iirc are great.
There is very little else around apart from the hotel so if you are a site seer you will need ot book excursions. No shops either

mrspink27 Fri 15-May-09 07:30:03

Have decided to go away with the DDs at the beginning of July... Need to choose between
Egypt - Taba Heights - Marriott or Hyatt. Has anyone been? What's it like?

Am I mad going in July? Will it be too hot?

Any inside info would be lovely!


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