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Wow! Just booked 99p tickets to Dublin :)

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Hulababy Tue 03-May-05 21:21:10

So suprised at how cheap. We decided to take MIL (and FIL who is going to contribute to whole cost) to Dublin for her 60th birthday.

Doncaster now has an airport and flights to Dublin in July/August are 99p!!!

Total flight cost for a 2 night break is only £125

Just looking for a nice, cheap and cheerful hotel now.


It is a suprise for MIL. DH booked her days off work in secret with her manager today. We will tell her the night before when we go over for a meal to celebrate her birthday.

knowitall Tue 03-May-05 21:22:41

we stayed at teh Burlington when we went Hulababy - just the other side of St Stephens Green - was lovely

Hulababy Tue 03-May-05 21:28:31

I am just doung the hotel search now - a friend who is in Ireland is lending a hand vetting any I find Makes life easier.

LGJ Tue 03-May-05 21:31:30

The night before !!!!!, I would love a trip like that, but would welcome more notice IYKWIM

Not trying to be horrible, just a bit more removed, so can be objective.

Hope you are not offended.

Hulababy Tue 03-May-05 21:38:51

No worries - not offended. She is pretty relaxed and will cope with the lack of notice. FIL knows and is in on it. We will have everything ready ad prepared. MIl is more likely to worry if she is given advance warning TBH.

We have done nights away with PILs before - just decided on day and gone, and they've been great - probably worried/busied themselves much less than me Never flown with no notice - but travel a distance.

LGJ Tue 03-May-05 21:41:32

In that case.........................

You jammy wotsits, my hometown, not jealous honest.................

Hulababy Tue 03-May-05 21:49:32

Really exciting now - never been before. Neither have PILs.

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