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Too Much To Carry

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MumToHolli Sat 26-Apr-03 13:03:33

We are off to Fuerteventura on Wed for a week with dd (6 months) and I am really worried about the amount of luggage we will have in tow.

We will need to take the pushchair and chassis (mamas & papas), the car seat and base (for taxis only - we are not hiring a car) and the travel cot, as well as 2 suitcases and flight bags.

Has anyone got any advice on how to lighten the load? Any other tips on travelling with a baby would also be appreciated.

whymummy Sat 26-Apr-03 13:40:11

hi mumtoholli i`ve never taken a travel cot as every hotel we`ve been to has provided one,i wouldn`t take a car seat either as most taxis won`t have any seat belts at the back, as it`s only for a week don`t take too much,anything you run of you can easily buy it over there,just relax and i hope you enjoy your holiday!

edgarcat Sat 26-Apr-03 13:59:07

Message withdrawn

steppelady Sat 26-Apr-03 14:02:07

hi mumtoholli, most airlines will let you take a pushchair on as hand luggage, even quite a big one with all the accessories attached, you can wheel it right up to the boarding gate with baby on board and then hand it over and they stow it for you. When you arrive it is waiting for you at the door to the plane. it's great not to have to carry the baby all through customs etc. Only disadvantage is if the airport at the other end has lots of steps. I agree with whymummy, most taxis won't be able to take the car seat.

griffy Sat 26-Apr-03 14:02:25

Could you get a Maclaren Daytripper (or other lightweight buggy), instead of the big pushchair? They weigh only a few kilos, and you can take DD all the way up to the plane in one of them with most airlines. I think they're all suitable for 6m+, and some of them recline slightly. Alternatively you can hire them at some resorts.

I agree with whymummy about the travelcot & car seat. Have you checked with your travel agent/hotel about cots/bedding provided or about what's available to hire there?

If you get there without buckling under the load I'm sure you'll have a brilliant time! Good luck.

SofiaAmes Sat 26-Apr-03 23:59:38

Also, even if the hotel says they have a travel cot and don't, a 6 mo. old could sleep in a bottom dresser drawer lined with a blanket. Or in bed with you. I agree with everyone else. Ditch the car seat and base, forget the pushchair and chassis and bring a Daytripper (you'll need one soon enough for home anyone). Take a baby bjorn or similar carrier with you for waiting in line at the other end and for beach walks etc. Get rid of one of the suitcase, you can wear the same clothes several days in a row (who is going to know the difference) and the baby won't need anything except sun protection. Your flight bags should be limited to two backpacks, one for each of you. Be won't miss any of it there.

SoupDragon Sun 27-Apr-03 08:31:46

I've never taken a travel cot anywhere and we generally don't take a carseat as, unless we hire a car and therefore a seat with it, the amount of travelling we do is minimal.

You should be able to buy nappies and wipes when you get there so you can leave those out of your luggage. I'm sure we managed to cram everythig into one (large!) suitcase when we travelled with 7month old DS1.

You should be OK with your pushchair as the airline stow it at the gate. You may not get it back til baggage reclaim though.

Have fun!

eidsvold Sun 27-Apr-03 08:50:52

Have just come back from a trip os with little one. Ditto what everyone else said about the travel cot. My b and sil travel a lot with their little one and she just sleeps on her blankets on the floor/with them in any hotel they are in.

Take a few nappies - buy nappies, wipes, cream etc when you get there.

Get a lighter buggy - we got a chicca one ( quite reasonable from that came with rain protector and its own carry bag - brilliant for out and about and dd sleeping in as well as protected on the plane by its carry bag. We also had a sling for use as well.

Sunny weather - you will need very little - we went for three weeks to aus - almost empty suitcases - a few baby gros and shorts/shirts for dd - same for us. Easy to rinse out and dry ready for another day.

SoupDragon Sun 27-Apr-03 09:35:40

" dd sleeping in as well as protected on the plane by its carry bag" Heheheh! I have this mental image of your DD sleeping in the carry bag on the plane

eidsvold Sun 27-Apr-03 16:37:45

well my excuse - still a little jet lagged....
sounds good and I am sticking to it...

JulieF Mon 28-Apr-03 01:05:07

I have to disagree about the car seat. We just took our rock a tot to Malta and it was invaluable. We did hire a car though and it is very light.

We bought a cheap lightweight pushchair from Index for £25, another £10 would get you one that reclines too.

whymummy Mon 28-Apr-03 06:56:18

julie that`s diferent,still don`t think is worth taking it just for a couple of taxi rides

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