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Questions about Disneyland Paris....Sorry I know it has been asked lots!

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OFSTEDoutstanding Mon 11-May-09 21:39:20

Hi I have just booked for me, dh, ds and dd to go to Disneyland Paris for ds birthday we are getting on Eurostar and not telling him where we are going until we get off at the other end, he is going to be 4 so will be majorly excited in a confined space otherwise!!
I have been through the dlp website and have a couple of questions that I can't find the answers to so was hoping you may be able to help me out!
We are going half board plus somebody has given me the impression that we can 'upgrade' to cafe mickey (not on half board plus option) and just pay the difference from the face value of our voucher. Does anyone know if this is possible and also if so what the 'face value' of a half board plus voucher is? Has anybody been half board when you go to one of the listed restaurants can you have any starter, main, dessert off the menu or is it a set menu for those on the half board plan?
We are going for 4 nights and as we have a 3 year old and a 1 year old we may want time out during the day. We wanted to use one of the pools at a disney hotel (we are staying at Santa Fe and don't have one) is this allowed or do you have to show hotel id to get in the pool?
I am sure there will be more questions as I go along but if you could help me with tese I would be very greatful TIA

OFSTEDoutstanding Mon 11-May-09 21:40:39

Also should have asked how does getting breakfast in the mornings at the santa fe work? Is it one mass free for all or do you get a time slot? Thanks

MissSunny Mon 11-May-09 22:50:21

Message withdrawn

MissSunny Mon 11-May-09 22:56:48

Message withdrawn

OFSTEDoutstanding Tue 12-May-09 14:18:14

Thanks so much Miss Sunny I am so pleased you answered!! Thanks for the info would love a copy of the guide if not too much trouble my email is em_
Thanks so much am so excited cant wait to see ds face when we get off the train am hoping a character might be there to meet us grin

BernardsCat Tue 12-May-09 14:19:36

God it sounds like an endurance test.

OFSTEDoutstanding Tue 12-May-09 14:20:10

Forgot to say there should be no space between the _ and the 2 but couldn't write it any other way without it underlining it!

lal123 Tue 12-May-09 14:24:54

Dear God we're heading to disneyland Paris weekend after next and your posts have scared the living daylights out of me!!!!

But will take advantage of MissSunny to ask - we're going to be staying near val d'europe (not in a disney hotel) and were planning on getting TGV from Charles de Gaulle and then a taxi - would this be a good plan?

All this to see some blessed princesses!

Leslaki Tue 12-May-09 23:13:23

Oh mis sunny!!! I'm going on 24th May could you please emailme a copy too please/ Thanks!!

louii Tue 12-May-09 23:22:38

I would love a copy of your guide as well if thats not too much trouble? In midst of organising disney trip at the minute so would really appreciate it.

MissSunny Wed 13-May-09 00:58:47

Message withdrawn

OFSTEDoutstanding Wed 13-May-09 19:45:15

Thanks so much have just sat and read through it. It has answered all my questions and more besides!! It is a great guide will be taking it with me am so excited....poor dh has another 3 months to put up with me!

pointydog Wed 13-May-09 19:54:14

You can't book ANnette's diner anyway.

We quite liked it.

MissSunny Wed 13-May-09 21:43:15

Message withdrawn

niche Wed 13-May-09 22:05:23

MissSunny would you please send a copy of your guide to me too. DD1 is desperate to see the princesses. piximon at gmail dot com smile

Lucy88 Wed 13-May-09 22:17:43


Please, please can I have one of your guides. We are going in 2 weeks for my sons 4th Birthday and any tips and hints would be most welcome.

Do you know if the Santa Fe has facilities for warming milk. My lad still likes to have 2 cups of warm milk in a morning when he wakes up, so I am really hoping that I can just go down before breakfast and get someone to do it for me in the restaurant and take it back to our room.

Just a few questions about the Fantasyland breakfast? Does that mean we could take our card to any of the places to eat in Fantasyland and eat there? What time do the places open there to eat and what sort of food is available? If you choose this option, does that mean you have to do it for the duration of your stay? Sorry for all the questions.

Cheers - my e-mail address is

mychildrenarebarmy Wed 13-May-09 22:19:59

ooo have fun. we went with DD and DS for my 30th and it was excellent. Going by Eurostar is great cos you get off right outside Disney.

pointydog Wed 13-May-09 22:23:44

So how come when I walked in and asked to book for the evening, they told me it was a no booking system and just to tuen up? Every night there was a huge queue outside Annette's in the freezing cold because you couldn't book. Would it be the time of year it was? (Feb)

mumoverseas Thu 14-May-09 07:15:46

oooh me, me, me <waves hand in air in a schoolgirl fashion> we are going in a few months and would be really grateful for a copy of your guide MissSunny, done WDW florida but not DLP and this time we will have 4DC aged from 16 down to 5 months so will need to plan
email address is

you are a star grin

OFSTEDoutstanding Thu 14-May-09 09:30:18

We are going in September too grin can't wait!

MissSunny Thu 14-May-09 19:37:15

Message withdrawn

MissSunny Thu 14-May-09 19:51:01

Message withdrawn

mumoverseas Fri 15-May-09 09:59:05

thanks for emailing that MissSunny, really kind of you and very helpful smile

louii Fri 15-May-09 13:46:29

Miss sunny thank you for that, very helpful.

I have booked half board at the Cheyenne, can teh half board voucher be treated as cash in restaurants in the park, pay towards a better meal?

louii Fri 15-May-09 13:50:44

Is there a Disney bus from CDG and how much is it? Do I have to book it?

Is the train easy enough to negotiate? I believe there is a station at CDG, we speak no French though so will that make things more difficult?

Sorry 20 questions.

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