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Holiday abroad with a baby, where should we go?

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singsong Sat 30-Apr-05 19:10:31

Got holiday booked off work in a couple of months and still can’t decide where to go. It’s going to be our first holiday with ds who will be 10 months old then. Want to go somewhere abroad. Somewhere that is warmer than the UK but not too hot for ds. Haven’t managed to narrow it down anymore than that! Anyone got any ideas/experiences of places that are nice and fairly hassle free to go with a baby?

ja9 Sat 30-Apr-05 21:28:33

we've just booked menorca in june with ds who will be 9mths. We chose menorca for a variety of reasons, but mainly

(1) short flight time from uk ( as will have to have ds on knee the whole time)

(2) the balaeric islands not as hot as other destinations

(3) menorca meant to be hugely welcoming to little ones.

i've read heaps of excellent reviews on holidays-uncovered.


Fimbo Sat 30-Apr-05 22:15:00

Another thumbs up for Menorca here. Definately no lager louts either.......

singsong Sun 01-May-05 12:04:07

Thanks, I'll have a look an Menorca on the web.

Gobbledigook Sun 01-May-05 12:06:45

Menorca has my vote too - beautiful, child friendly and not too far to fly.

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