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Rhodes in July with a one year old - madness to even try?

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monkiesmummy Sun 03-May-09 19:15:40

will it be just too hot?

Leslaki Sun 03-May-09 19:47:17

Could be, can be rosating hot. can you not go end of May/beg June or Sept? temps really good then and much quieter in resort as outside peak season - things tend to be cheaper as well.

monkiesmummy Sun 03-May-09 20:25:31

thanks for the reply. Unfortunately we're tied to the school hols coz of my job

mosschops30 Sun 03-May-09 20:28:51

Could you go somewhere less likely to be boiling?
Perhaps the balearics or the algarve.

I do think that Greece or Islands would be horrendously hot for a one year old, I probably would attempt it now ds is 4 but only because he understands more, you cant reason with a one year old about keeping cool, drinking plenty, dipping in the pool, etc etc

monkiesmummy Sun 03-May-09 20:57:27

hmm, that's worth thinking about. thanks. Any other suggestions of cooler places?

mosschops30 Sun 03-May-09 21:00:26

Menorca is lovely for families (have been twice).
We are trying the Algarve this year.
Went to Majorca in August last year, not my thing, bit chavvy but some people love it.

monkiesmummy Mon 04-May-09 13:19:56

thanks for the advice. We've found one in Ibizia - nothing available on the dates we wanted in Menorca.

mosschops30 Mon 04-May-09 14:49:12

really nothing at all? Where did you try? I just booked for dd and my mum to go to menorca in august.
What are your dates?
Ibiza nice, havent been for years though, Santa Eulalia used to be gorgeous

Directskiandsun Mon 04-May-09 16:47:42

We went to Greece (Kefalonia) with our then 10 month old, at the end of May. VERY hot - he had a heat rash by the time we got out of the taxi from the airport! Rhodes is even further south and I'd expect it to be very hot in July.

Our DCs are older now, but still don't like excessive heat and we go to the Alps - still lovely and warm, but a milder climate and there is air! There can be swimming pools, bathing lakes (very clean and filtered) with 'beach' areas, picnic meadows, cycle paths etc - we love it smile

retiredgoth2 Mon 04-May-09 16:56:40

....I have been to Ibiza in the school holidays with children.

Wouldn't do it again. is a lovely place for sure, but it simply isn't child friendly.

Rhodes is toasty warm, and I would second Menorca as a choice for a young family.

...failing that pretty much anywhere in mainland Spain (other than Club 18-Thingy resorts) would be more suitable I would imagine....

SassJ Fri 22-May-09 00:58:38

Monkiesmummy, I'm really sorry you've been put off Rhodes this year. I'm married to a native, lived there for years, and am going myself (at six months pregnant) in July and will be going back next year when the baby will be less than a year old. It certainly won't be any hotter than Spain in July, and the great thing about Rhodes is the constant cool breeze that comes inland from the sea. Very green island with forests and mountains. Also, everyone has air con these days, so very easy to sleep at nights and rest up during the day if needed.
Can you tell I'm a fan?! Don't mean to preach, but it's just such a fantastic place......

Furball Fri 22-May-09 07:04:02

Sassj - Do/did you live in Haraki?

SassJ Fri 22-May-09 09:58:32

Yes! Where were you? Might I know you?

Furball Fri 22-May-09 13:53:27

I was in Gennadi in the 90's

SassJ Fri 22-May-09 16:23:01

Ahh, Gennadi - nice. I met my husband in Haraki in 1997 and we lived there 2000-2002 Great place. Go back every year to see friends and family, and haven't bored of it yet!

Furball Fri 22-May-09 16:29:50

we're you there originally on holiday? or working? How do/did you decide on which country to live in? questions, questions....

SassJ Fri 22-May-09 16:49:06

I was the classic blonde tourist! We;ve lived in Greece, New York and we moved to London three years ago to settle down, buy a house and so on (hence my recent migration to Mumsnet!). UK is close to my family and his (takes about 4-5 hours to get to each!) and there are the right opportunites career-wise for both of us. Easy decision really, as neither of us feel that any decision on geography need be permanent.....
What about you? Do you miss living there? Do you keep in touch with people? Ever think you'll move back?

Furball Fri 22-May-09 16:57:15

I keep in touch with 4 people who I was there only 1 of which is still there the rest are back here.

If we did go, which is not likely, we probably would've stayed in Haraki.

scratchet Sat 06-Jun-09 14:44:35

We went to rhodes last year at end of jul beginning aug, was hot but lovely breeze. Believe it is hotter on the side of the island where lindos, pefkos and afandou are. Rhodes is a lovely island though, i would definately go back x

Stilla Sun 07-Jun-09 22:09:37

Yes Lindos area is alot warmer as Trianda/Ixia/Rhodes Town etc have a constant breeze which is lovely.
Have worked/lived in the north & south and Ive seen some shocking sunburn in the north...... due to that breeze I suspect !

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