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child and adult friendly holiday in Europe

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hatsoff Thu 28-Apr-05 19:27:55

help. we need inspiration for a summer holiday. We would like somewhere in Europe, probably sef-catering, but expensive end of self-catering - ie really nice house/villa, preferably swimming pool, near a beach with a couple of unambitous toursity / cultural things to do nearby, nice rural scenery and/or relatively unspoilt town. Found a gorgeous place in France - which is a small group of gites with kiddies' play areas, paddling pool, sand pit etc - but it's not near the coast. arrgh. Any ideas?

WestCountryLass Thu 28-Apr-05 21:13:23

hatsoff Thu 28-Apr-05 21:33:40

looks gorgeous - have you been there?

whymummy Thu 28-Apr-05 21:40:57

we tried to go here \link{
i'm afraid i can't find the site in english but you can look at the pictures and i can help you if you need anything translated,it looks beautiful,the only thing is that the beach is an hour away,worth a look though

whymummy Thu 28-Apr-05 21:41:30

my links never work,sorry

whymummy Thu 28-Apr-05 21:43:20

have a look at this

whymummy Thu 28-Apr-05 21:44:50

aaaaaaaaaargh,not working ok

whymummy Thu 28-Apr-05 21:47:37

ok i have found english web sites in google,i was taping tobias instead of tobas,doh

WestCountryLass Fri 29-Apr-05 14:56:55

Yes I have, a number of times, as it is owned by my Mum!

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