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Simply Travel - what a con!

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MissChief Thu 28-Apr-05 14:20:42

rant, rant, rant - as heavily pregnant paid substantial amount to book supposedly "easier" option of all-inclusive hol for 3 of us with ST (now part of Thomson), rather than booking independently and therefore much more cheaply direct with airline & accom. Booked a while ago and even after several lengthy calls to bored staff in call centre promising will send out today Ms X, STILL not received confirmation of booking, tickets, details of upgrades - anything! The latest person I spoke said "sorry for the wee problem"
(guess where she's based!) - no it's not a matter of life or death but don't they believe in customer service in that company??

Am now doubtful of what hol will be like - had wanted relaxing hol with ds, dh. Anyone else used them recently? If so, was it also a nightmare or have we been unlucky?

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