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Thomson Superfamily holiday in Majorca in July with a 9 month old?

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hotmama Thu 28-Apr-05 12:14:17

I'm going back to work in August and want a holiday before I go back. Am thinking of going to Puerto Pollensa in Majorca in early July. I have never been to Majorca (but have been to Minorca). Can't go in May or June because of DP's work committments etc.

Am thinking of booking via Thomson's Super Family as can hire cots/highchairs/sterilizers and can get Mothercare packs that contain nappies/wipes etc. Hopefully will saves on mad packing etc

Is Majorca going to be way too hot? Or will I be O.K as long as I ensure dd is kept in the shade/as cool as I can?

Anyone been on a Superfamily holiday ? - what are they like? - this will be our first hol abroad with dd.

Any advice will be very gratefully received.

dawnie1 Thu 28-Apr-05 12:29:25

Puerto Pollensa in Majorca is an excellent choice with a baby / toddler. We went there with dd when she was 6 months old - last July - it was fantastic the people and the place are absolutley lovely. The flight from Heathrow was fine - just under 90 mins each way so nice and short. The weather was lovely - hot but not to hot, just take factor 30 cream, sunshade and hats and she'll be fine. We got a very nice, safe cot provided in our apartment and they had high chairs in some (not all) of the restaurants. We took Miltons Serilising tablets to sterilize her bottles etc and we also took lots of jars of food and nappies. The beach is sandy, clean, very long and thin and most of it backs onto a promenade where no cars are allowed so its nice and safe. It is a large port so there are literally hundreds of boats,yauchts etc to look at if you go into the centre of town, the harbour is lovely.
The one downside is that it is quite expensive -first time we went it was pesatas and therefore worked out quite cheap but last year it was Euros and much more expensive.
I would thoroughly recommend it and we will be going again. I have never been on a Super Family holiday so I don't know what that would be like.

hotmama Thu 28-Apr-05 13:42:36


Fimbo Thu 28-Apr-05 14:07:21

I know you said Majorca but we stayed at this hotel in Minorca about 3 years ago. My dd was 3 at the time, so had passed the baby stage, there did seem to be a lot of Mothercare strollers going about though. Its the first time I had ever been on a package holiday where the reps were actually keen to help you. Certainly everything mentioned in the brochure seemed to be at the hotel and in good working order. The only downside I found was that the hotel was extremely noisy, its ok if you are the type of person who keeps your child out to all hours, but we were in bed most nights by 9pm and then were woken up by people returning to their rooms when the nightly entertainment had finished with screaming babes!! I would definately choose an apartment over a hotel next time. HTH

MissChief Thu 28-Apr-05 14:11:28

can heartily NOT recommend Thomson having just booked a Simply travel hol (T. have taken them over). Countless calls to bored sounding staff in call centre and still have yet to receive anything in post from them (we go in 1 week) - tickets, confirmation of booking, anything! can't believe it as wasn't cheap hol!
I definitely would rec. independent route and wished we'd opted for that as much cheaper and generally v reliable. have to checked - can search for flights/cheap hotels etc or google what you're looking for.

hotmama Thu 28-Apr-05 14:25:50

I was intending to book the Aparthotel Playa Mar, which is a self-catering complex - thought this would be easier with a 9 month old.

I googled - the reviews of the place are really good. I usually travel with Sovereign for package holidays but I need a baby friendly holiday so this seems a good bet? Liked the fact that I wouldn't have to take loads of baby stuff with me.

Just don't want it to be too hot for dd and want to have a fab hol.

Keep advice coming

juniperdewdrop Thu 28-Apr-05 14:29:31

We've been twice to a SF one in cala bona majorca and loved it. That was before the take over though.

bubblerock Thu 28-Apr-05 14:36:00

had a quick skim through (fab website)

and found this:

The Apartments were very clean, kitchen was quite small but had everything you needed.

The complex has two pools + baby pool and there were plenty of sunbeds to choose from.

Kids club available although most of the time the kids were kept inside rather than participating in outdoor activities.

Although we opted for self catering, we did pay to go half-board for 5 days, however, I would not recommend this.

Puerto Pollensa is a lovely place and although the Playa Mar Apartments were really nice I would not recommend if you have small children as it appx 20-25 min. walk into Puerto Pollensa itself. There is a lovely Pine Walk along the sea front which takes you directly into the main centre however this is not pushchair friendly as it is mostly cobbled stones.

I would definately recommend Puerto Pollensa but with two young children I would prefer to be within walking distance of the shops etc.

KathH Thu 28-Apr-05 17:25:23

First Choice do something similar where you can hire buggies, highchair, steriliser etc.

tigi Thu 28-Apr-05 21:12:36

we did a SF to Portinatx, Ibiza, and it was great for the children, had a free soft play indoors. Evening entertainment was good, we put ds in pushchair, and he went to sleep. They also had babyfood there, and a special kids buffet- but do expect it to be noisy. You are also able to pre-order nappies etc to be there for you.

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