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First holiday abroad with (will be) 16 month old

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Em32 Wed 27-Apr-05 14:17:27

Hello Just hoping for tips really. We're going to the South of France (so not a long flight) from the UK but it will be William's first plane ride. I'll also be 7 months pregnant so just hoping this turns out to be a good idea (grandma and SIL/husband also coming though so will have some extra help). I'm taking a portable stairgate and car seat and the villa has a highchair and cot already there. How do you manage without their toys though and what are the best things to take to amuse them on the journey there? Thanks

Lucycat Wed 27-Apr-05 14:21:25

We took dd abroad when she was 13 ths and took some stacking cups for her to play with (hours spent putting pegs in them!) can also double up on the beach and in the bath. As for the flight, dd ate all my food! we took lots of books, she slept a little and dh walked up and down a fair bit too - so good luck and have a fab holiday!

With 2 kids we now go to Dorset - can't face a flight with 2!!

LIZS Wed 27-Apr-05 14:40:12

Take a few really compact toys (we had a shape sorter with stacking cups that fitted inside from JL) and ones with a dual purpose - cheap stacking cups form Ikea can also be used for water play in a mini paddling pool (from a pound type shop) with little boats, a small selection of books, perhaps a couple of cars, small inflatable ball. Friend used to take 6 of everything - bricks, shapes for sorter, books etc so that she could keep track. Take lots fo nibbles for the journey and remember they may not get a meal aboard, even if you do.

vickiyumyum Wed 27-Apr-05 15:03:52

depends on what your little one is into. when my ds1 was 17 months (i think) we went to majorca, he really liked to 'draw' so i brought a notebook and crayons from tesco and he would draw for hours! also took a new small jigsaw and stacking cups as mentioned before they double up for water/sand play.
ds1 was occupied by tha fascination of being on a plane on the journey and enjoyed looking out of the window looking at clouds!

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