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Bournemouth beaches

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edgarcat Thu 17-Apr-03 19:51:24

Message withdrawn

ScummyMummy Thu 17-Apr-03 19:57:53

sounds lovely, edgarcat.

bunny2 Thu 17-Apr-03 21:15:53

Edgcarcat, where are you ? I live a little east of Alum Chine and know some fab places for kids.

CAM Mon 21-Apr-03 13:29:31

MIL lives on the clifftop at Alum Chine, went there 2 weeks ago and had a lovely weekend doing the things that edgarcat describes.

edgarcat Mon 21-Apr-03 13:47:50

Message withdrawn

CAM Mon 21-Apr-03 16:16:41

What a coincidence, edgarcat! Whereabouts is your mil - mine is in Sandbourne Road.

edgarcat Mon 21-Apr-03 16:31:01

Message withdrawn

edgarcat Mon 21-Apr-03 16:32:04

Message withdrawn

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