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Advice needed!! First Trip abroad with 6 month old

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Discomonkfish Fri 22-Apr-05 10:37:07

Hi there, I hope you can help! We're planning a city break to Rome in June and would appreciate any advice as to what I need to take and any other recommendations you can think of. This will be our first trip with dd. Questions like what do I do about sterlising her bottles? Is the water ok, do I just need to boil it? Would it be better to take some ready made cartons? Any tips for booking a hotel / previous recommendations.....everything really. Also I was thinking of buying a cheapo pushchair to use in case ours gets lost as it was quite expensive or can you get it insured? Any help / comments gratefully accepted [grin} hope you can help x

Frizbe Fri 22-Apr-05 10:43:28 is quite good, there's been a few threads on this recently, check the travel category!

moondog Fri 22-Apr-05 10:49:52

Yes, do a search. I for one, have contributed loads to these sorts of questions,last night being the latest.
Push chair question is worth thought though. We have an E3 that gets knocked about (wince!!) as we travel so much, but on my last flight (3 days ago) they gave us a huge very tough plastic bag to put it in. First time it's ever happened in over 4 years and, at a conservative estimate, 50 flights.
You could track one down, although as you can get a light pushchair for about £20, it might indeed be worth it.

fisil Fri 22-Apr-05 10:51:06

Steribottles. Try them out before you go to check dd will take them. They do take place in the suitcase - but then as you use them up you will have to buy gorgeous designer clothes to fill the gaps for the return journey!

I made a mistake with steribottles and bought sachets of formula - I thought I would boil water at the hotel and then pop the formula in when it was feed time. However, once you have put the lid on a steribottle you can't get it off again, so I had to make up the whole feed in the morning and poison ds! I should have taken cartons (even more space in the suitcase!)

fisil Fri 22-Apr-05 10:51:41

oh yes, and do buy a cheap buggy - a nice light one that you don't care about.

Discomonkfish Fri 22-Apr-05 10:58:15

Thanks, Steribottles with cartons and a cheapo pushchair sounds good.......its my dh who won't be seen in Rome without the new one...

albert Fri 22-Apr-05 10:58:22

Can you carry DD in a sling or back pack type thingy. Many of the roads in Rome are really narrow, too narrow for a buggy. It is also very crowded so a buggy can get in the way but if you do use one, yes, buy a cheapo! The water is fine but will you be in a position to boil it? Make sure DD has a hat. Can't really help re the hotels, I always stay with friends. Rome is a great place and children are loved by everyone. So don't worry because even if you do forget something everyone will be more than happy to help you out.

Discomonkfish Fri 22-Apr-05 11:10:59

yes, good idea we,ve got a sling, i may take that as well because we may want her to fall asleep in her buggy if we're out at night

jackeroo Fri 22-Apr-05 13:27:24

hey discomonkfish - we're going to rome tomorrow with 10 month old DS. had same concerns as you - i bought sterliser bags from john lewis - you just put bottles and anything else in these with tap water and then a sterliser tab (included)which works in 30mins. we're taking cartons of SMA ready made (heavy but handy). boiled water for drinking is probably best as mineral water can be too much for babies to cope with. think sling is a brill idea. we've rented an apartment for a week as we thought a kitchen would be useful. the company we used is called 'myhomeyourhome' on internet and was recommended in time out guide to rome. and i've heard that everyone loves a baby there and restaurants are very happy to accomodate - so should be fun! if you like i'll write again when we get back with any other tips...

jackeroo Fri 22-Apr-05 13:36:13

forgot to say - if you stay somewhere with a microwave you can get steriliser bags for these which are very easy - or the mothercare microwave self-sterising bottles are excellent. also suncream important - we got 'simple' one apparantly suitable for babies.

Discomonkfish Fri 22-Apr-05 20:58:16

Cheers jackeroo, let me know how you get on and I'll check out that website. I'll want lots of recommendations for restaurants and stuff to do!! Have a great time x

jackeroo Wed 04-May-05 14:03:21

hiya DM - not sure if you're around now but thought i'd let you know rome was brill with DS. weather was perfect and people fab - he got such an incredible reception everywhere we went! the apartment we had was also impressive and central (not that cheap though). we used the buggy more than sling as it was handy to have when DS wanted to nod off. it was fine along most roads. food/drink was excellent and everywhere we went was great - i can't remember any names though - we tended to just stumble across somewhere with space for buggy and grab the table! (some places offered high chairs but not all). it was busy (pope visitors etc) but not too bad. it was also quite hot and bright so be prepared for that. we spent most of our time walking around admiring sites, eating, drinking then walking to next place. the steriliser bags worked fine for us too. i'd say it's the perfect place for a baby (probably not when they're older as there's not that much for a toddler to do there) - it's a parents playground... DS is now sleeping late in the mornings and going to bed at 10pm (everything happens a lot later there) - have to re-work his london routine. hope you have a fab time (we didn't want to come home!) x

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